Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1135

Ning Xueluo breathed a sigh of relief before a sinister look flahsed in her eyes. "You can be a little cruel when you do it. That way, it'll seem more realistic!"

"Don't worry, little girl, you don't have to teach me these things! Don't forget about what I want!" The man lowered his voice.

Ning Xueluo's tone was slightly annoyed. "Didn't I say that I'd find a time to help you ship those things in? There'll be some stock coming from Los Angeles to Imperial next month! There won't be any problems, you just have to help me get this done right, then everything goes!"


At Platinum Palace in Imperial.

In the study room, the little bun was lying his head on his father's desk and his huge eyes stared at the man, unblinking. He asked for the sixteenth time today, "When is Mommy coming home?"

These past few days, Lu Tingxiao and Little Treasure's conversation was basically:

"When is Mommy coming home?"

"Why isn't Mommy home yet?"

"Will Mommy be coming home today?"

"Will Mommy be coming home tomorrow?"


Obviously, a son who could speak was harder to deal with than when he could not say a word.Before this , he only used his eyes to attack, but now he could attack with his voice too.

Lu Tingxiao knitted his brows and closed the laptop before him, then he tilted his head and looked at his son with a complicated expression.

These past few days, Little Treasure had called out for Mommy, Grandfather, Grandmother, and even Second Uncle.

Even though Little Treasure was always driving Lu Jingli crazy when he spoke to him, he could see that Little Treasure actually liked Jingli very much because he spoke the most to him and he would basically respond every time.

Yet, he...had yet to hear Little Treasure call him "Father" once.

Every time Little Treasure looked for him, he would only ask about Ning Xi. Apart from that, he had nothing else to say.

To say that he was not bothered at all was lying.

"Little Treasure, come here, let's have a chat," Lu Tingxiao said as he waved at his son.

Little Treasure was focused on waiting for his mother's return, so he was not in the mood for a chat. He clearly looked very unhappy.

"Are you unwilling to call me?" Lu Tingxiao asked him frankly.

When he heard Lu Tingxiao's words, Little Treasure's tiny face instantly turned stiff.

Indeed, this child was unwilling, which was why he had intentionally not called out to him.

"Why? Can you let me know?" Lu Tingxiao tried his best to soften his tone when he asked.

But the little guy's expression looked even worse now, tothe point that he was unwilling to even speak to Lu Tingxiao now. He immediately took out his writing board that he had not used for a while.

Even though he now spoke to express himself, the habit of bringing his writing board with him everywhere had not yet changed.

Then, Lu Tingxiao saw his son write stubbornly on the board: [All your fault]

All my fault?

When Lu Tingxiao read the three words, he was confused. "What do you mean?"

The little bun's eyes were full of grief and indignation as he continued to write: [All your fault that Little Treasure wasn't born from Mommy'swomb! Little Treasure wants to be born from Mommy's womb!!!]

The little guy's eyes reddened as he held up the board, his expression lookIng like he was about to cry.He knew that even though Aunty Xiao Xi had always been good to him, she was not his biological mother and not the person who had given birth to him.

When he thought of this, he felt especially angry at Father!

Why did Father not have him with Aunty Xiao Xi!?

When Lu Tingxiao saw his son's words, he was startled and stunned for a while, then he did not know whether to laugh or cry.

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