Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1140

It was just three minutes, yet Zhuang Rongguang felt like an entire decade had passed.

The blonde man hinted at the tattooed man beside him, who then put down his bottle of drink and slowly walked over. He pinned Zhuang Rongguang's hand down.

The blonde spat on his knife. "Punk, time's up! Now, it's just one finger! Say, which one should I chop off first?"

The blonde's gaze skimmed his ten fingers like a venomous snake.

Zhuang Rongguang started to struggle like crazy. "Let go of me, let go! My father is Zhuang Liaoyuan, my grandfather is Zhuang Zongren! If you touch me, my family will never let you go!"

"Hahahaha...you sure? Even if you're really Zhuang Liaoyuan's son, you're just a useless piece of crap, so what's the issue if I cripple you? Maybe your family will thank me for helping them educate you!

"Little bro, if you really don't understand, I'll teach you. It's not that easy to roll on the streets. If you owe money and can't return it, then you should pay the price. No matter where you go, that's the rule! Even if it's the Zhuangs, I'm not afraid! If you really want to cause a huge ruckus, I'd really like to see who would be unluckier!" The blonde's tone was fearless.

As he spoke, the blonde had already spread Zhuang Rongguang's fingers out wide and aimed his knife at his pinkie.

"Ah! Ah ah ah!!!" Zhuang Rongguang howled at the top of his lungs.

"Stop right there!" At the same time at the entrance of the store, a girl snarled.

The blond first looked at the girl, then annoyedly struck Zhuang Rongguang's face with the back of the knife. "What are you screaming for? I haven't even chopped it off! Cowardly weakling!"

Zhuang Rongguang looked at his perfectly unharmed pinkie and was already frightened to the point of tears and sniveling. He then glanced hopefully at the person at the entrance as if he was looking at his last life-saving straw. "Sis...Sis...save me!"

He had always boasted about having friends everywhere and always called others his buddies, yet at that moment, the only person he could beg for help...and to help him regardless of anything...

...was unexpectedly his sister whom he had always found annoying!

Zhuang Rongguang felt an indescribable feeling appear as a lump in his throat...

Zhuang Keer panted at the entrance with her hands on her knees. When she saw that they had not done anything to him yet, her face was full of uncertainty and fright. Her stare at Zhuang Rongguang was full of disappointment and anger.

The blonde's demonic gaze swept over Zhuang Keer up and down like a sticky fly before he asked, "You brought the money?"

"I did! Count it, five million, not a cent less!" Zhuang Keer threw the entire box to them.

The man with the gold chain took the box and threw it to his men to count. A few men gathered around to start counting.

Because she did not have much time, Zhuang Keer's box contained cash, gold bars, and some jewelry. It would definitely add up and probably be in excess instead of being less.

Moments later, one of them shouted, "Boss, no problem! This chick is honest!"

"Now, can you let him go?" Zhuang Keer asked coldly.

"Of course!" The blonde signaled and two of the men immediately released Zhuang Rongguang.

"Sis!" Zhuang Rongguang wiped his tears away and rushed to Zhuang Keer. Zhuang Keer was furious but she knew this was not the place to talk. It was more important that they left quickly.

Although, as they were ready to leave, a few people had blocked the entrance.

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