Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1143

The others noticed that something was not right and were alarmed. All of them rushed up to the front to take her on...

However, this woman's motions were practically diabolical. They could not get close to her no matter what they did. Instead, they had been beaten up one after another.

They had met with numerous police who were difficult to deal with and had escaped police chases numerous times, yet they had never met such a strong opponent.

This woman, who was she?

Ning Xi's cold poker face remained as she stepped on all those men rolling on the floor howling in grief. She made her way towards Zhuang Keer.

"Xiao...Xiao Xi..." Zhuang Keer covered herself with both arms and shivered.

Ning Xi's expression remained calm as she took off her windbreaker and wrapped Zhuang Keer up tightly.

"Xiao Xi! Careful!" Zhuang Keer saw that behind her, the tattooed man had suddenly gotten up and held a stick in his head, ready to hit Ning Xi on her head.

Ning Xi carefully put Zhuang Keer down against the wall before abruptly turning around. Instead of backing up, she moved in and before the stick could fall on her, she kicked his wrist. The stick fell to the ground with a loud thud. Following that, the man was struck to the ground.

Even after he had fallen onto the ground, he did not know how this woman's moves could be so swift. In fact, every move of hers had accurately hit him on his fatal points.

Ning Xi looked down on the tattooed man she had beaten to the ground. He was the man who had bullied Zhuang Keer earlier. Then, she bent over and squatted before him, pulling him by the collar before she hit his face hard with a fist, then another fist, and another...

The girl's face was devoid of expression as if she was isolated from the outside world, entirely tranced in her own world. She robotically hit the man's face, one punch after another. The empty store echoed with the horrifying sounds of the punch...

One could almost not recognize the man's face and Ning Xi's hands were stained red with blood as well...

It was not sure whether the color of that blood was his or her own from hitting him too hard...

Yet, she did not stop at all. Her punches grew vicious and her eyes had an inhumane look in them as if she was a devil that had just crawled out of hell...

All those present were stunned with shock. All her victims from earlier felt their legs give way as they fell to the ground, their faces full of fear.

Even Zhuang Rongguang and Zhuang Keer were frightened too.

At that moment, suddenly a voice yelled from behind Ning Xi, "Whore! Stop! Raise your hands up!"

The man with the gold chain from earlier suddenly held up a gun and was pointing it at Ning Xi's head.

Zhuang Rongguang and Zhuang Keer's faces dropped. "Xiao Xi..."

Ning Xi's attention was now caught. She pushed the tattooed man away and used the back of her hand to wipe off the splattered blood near the corner of her mouth. Her gaze fell on the gun...

"Raise both your hands! Come here! Take off all of your clothes for me!" The man snarled and hooted.

"Xiao Xi..." Zhuang Keer was so worried that her eyes turned red. "Aren't I your target? Let her go!"

"It was, now it isn't anymore! This whore has hurt so many of our buddies. Does she think we'll let her go easily? No way!"

The men that had been beaten up all slowly struggled up and viciously surrounded Ning Xi. The atmosphere could not have been tenser.

"Rongguang, cover Keer's eyes," said Ning Xi calmly.

Before his brain could process anything, Zhuang Rongguang's body had already quickly followed Ning Xi's orders as he stumbled over and covered Zhuang Keer's eyes.

In the instant Zhuang Rongguang covered Zhuang Keer's eyes, the sound of guns firing filled the empty night sky.

The man with the gold chain had his eyes staring wide open as he fell to the ground with a bloody bullet hole in the middle of his forehead.

In Ning Xi's hand was a gun, pointing straight at the direction where the man had stood.

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