Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1149

"Im sorry, sis...no more next time"

Seeing her brother cry in front of her, her chest tightened, but she felt helpless at the same time.

She witnessed how her brother had gradually become like this. She already had no hopes for him and did not expect him to be extremely successful in the future. She just wished that he could live happily and safely, but now, he had just almost lost his life

She had no idea what to do with this brother of hers. She saw her brothers regretful expression ut still held no faith in him. He might even return to his old ways in the next few days. Who knew?

Because of Ning Xis provocation, he invested his time and effort in shooting practice but it did not last for long

Zhuang Keers unsaid words were condensed into one plain sentence, "Get up, dont go to places like that ever again."

Zhuang Rongguang nodded. He wiped his tears away and stood up.

"What happened to your friends, Sun Bin and Liang Haoqiang? Are they alright?" Zhuang Keer suddenly remembered them and asked Zhuang Rongguang.

Based on her knowledge, Zhuang Rongguang was best friends with them. Both of them were infamous rich brats in Imperial and were always up to nothing good. The three of them always looked for trouble, so they must have been involved this time as well.

When Zhuang Rongguang heard those two names, his expression changed

The two of them

They disappeared a long time ago and had not even called him up till now. They did not even care about whether he was alive or not.

Their families stopped supporting them financially. He could still get a little money from his sister and he always shared his cash with them, thinking that his good deeds earned him two true friends, yet they had just taken him for granted. He was being treated as a huge fool

Zhuang Keer could somewhat guess what had happened from his expression. She sighed and did not ask anymore.

They had most probably ran away and left him there

She had already told him not to befriend them, but he would get angry every time she spoke to him about it. He would say that she was disrespecting his friends. In the end, they would end up being unhappy about it and he would stay outside for several nights.

"So now, do you guys want to go back or stay here for the night?" Ning Xi asked.

"Xiao Xi, can I stay here for one night?" Zhuang Keer asked.

Ning Xi nodded. "Of course."

Zhuang Keer felt happy. "Then, Ill message my nanny"

Zhuang Rongguang then raised his hand. "I...I want to stay here too! Can I? Sis...Ning Xi"

Ning Xi looked at him expressionlessly. "Sofa."

Zhuang Rongguang replied almost instantly, "No problem! I dont even mind sleeping on the floor! Ill watch the door for you!"

"Keer, sleep with me tonight," Ning Xi told Zhuang Keer.

"Mmm, okay!" Zhuang Keer was glad about it.

They then went into the bedroom.

Ning Xi arranged the bedsheets and the both of them lay on the bed. To avoid Zhuang Keer from having nightmares later, Ning Xi kept talking to her about some relaxing topics to distract her from what had happened earlier.

Zhuang Keer lay on the soft and comfy bed with the gentle and sweet girl beside her. With her soft words drifting into her ears, all her leftover fear was gone.

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