Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1156

At the Zhuang residence.

Recently, a few of Zhuang Liaoyuan's old friends came to Imperial for work. Since it was such a rare opportunity, Zhuang Liaoyuan invited them to his house.

Zhuang Keer served the guests, then ordered the servants to prepare dinner.

A middle-aged man with a three-star rank greeted warmly, "Hows the old chief?"

"My fathers recovering in the military caretaking center recently. He's still going strong!" Zhuang Liaoyuan replied as he served them tea.

"Is your wife not back yet?"

"Ive already requested to the higher-ups, but I guess I won't get an easy approval."

"Fortunately, you still have Keer with you. She's become even more beautiful after a few years. Who knows which kid will be lucky enough to be with her in a few years!?"

"I bet Liaoyuan won't let her daughter get married so easily"


Zhuang Liaoyuan was very proud of his daughter. His wife worked as a military scientist and her job required a high level of secrecy, so she stayed in the laboratory mostly and gave almost all of her time to her career and country. He, on the other hand, spent most of his time in the army and Keer handled most of the things at home.

"Oh, hows Rongguang?" One of them asked.

The moment he said it, the others looked at him nervously and shook their heads. His son was a taboo topic!

That person forgot about it and felt a little awkward, but he could not take his words back now

Zhuang Liaoyuan felt a little bitter looking at his comrades awkward expression. He did not really care about keeping up his reputation anymore because it had all been ruined by Zhuang Rongguang.

Even he had already given up even with his strong personality

"Rongguang, he's still like his old self!" Zhuang Liaoyuan replied.

What a helpless remark.

"Right, I have big news this year. Do you guys still remember the three drug lords who escaped four years back? Mr. K, Poison Eye, and Dragon Head" One of them changed the topic.

"Yeah! What about them?" This topic caught everyones attention.

"All of them were caught! Mr. K is injured severely. His face is nearly destroyed. Dragon Head was killed with a gunshot to his head. Poison Eye is slightly better, he just had a concussion... They're all in prison now!"


Zhuang Liaoyuan was really interested. "Who did it?"

"The person wasnt found. The crime scene wasat a relatively remote area. No witnesses, no security cameras. We asked a few of their henchmen, but they said they drank too much and fought among themselves! Even Mr. K and Poison Eye said so although the evidence didnt show otherwise...but I feel that something isnt right"

"Who cares!? No matter whether they fight within themselves or someone else did it, its a good thing! Its because of the three of them that we lost two good comrades!"

As Zhuang Liaoyuan chatted happily in the living room, there was a familiar voice from behind him. "Im back!"

"Is Rongguang back?" Everyone looked towards the entrance.

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