Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1157

Did he come back this early?

Zhuang Liaoyuan was suspicious. That brat always came back late and was not home recently. Normally, he would have returned even later than usual.

He turned around and was about to nag him "you still know this is your home, huh?", but the words could not come out

The boy entered in his school uniform and his school bag. With a cleanly cropped haircut, he looked exactly like a healthy high school boy.

Was this...his son?

Not only Zhuang Liaoyuan, his comrades were shocked as well. The last time they saw him, he had hair longer than a girl's and always wore striking-colored outfits like a disco ball.

This young man in front of them was way too different from what they remembered!

"Uncle Zhang, Uncle Ling, Uncle Zheng" Zhuang Rongguang greeted the guests.

They returned to their senses.

"Its really Rongguang! I almost couldnt recognize him!"

"Me too!"

"Liaoyuan, what do you mean like his old self? He looks totally different!"

"He's really grown up! Like father, like son!"

While Zhuang Liaoyuan had a lot of questions, it was not the time to ask, so he just casually commented,"Stop praising him just because he looks like a human being now!"

At dinner, Zhuang Rongguang acted obediently the whole time. He used to hate dinner like these with many older people around. He would usually eat very little and quickly retreat to his room. However, this time he actually finished the entire meal and sent the guests to the door after dinner.

After the guests left and before Zhuang Liaoyuan could ask anything, the young man went up to his father. "Father, I need your help for something!"

Zhuang Liaoyuan raised his eyebrows. So, he was up to something!

He acted obediently because he needed something? But he really invested a lot this time. He had even cut his most precious hair!

Zhuang Liaoyuans expression darkened a little. He decided that if Zhuang Rongguang mentioned anything about "going on an adventure", he would disown him and let him be!

"Say, what is it?" Zhuang Liaoyuan said coldly in the study room.

The young man stood in front of his father. He glanced at his fathers silver-streaked hair nervously before taking a deep breath. "Father, Id like you to hire a tutor for me, or send me to a tuition class. My exams are in a few months' time. I know with my grades now, its impossible to get into any university. Forcing me into a university will be a waste of time as well, so Id like to join the army first, then Ill study while training. Next year, Ill go to military school."

Zhuang Liaoyuan was stunned when he heard the first sentence and was dumbfounded when Zhuang Rongguang finished

Zhuang Liaoyuan tried to organize his thoughts. He asked, "What did you say just now? You want to join the army and go to military school? You want me to...hire you a tutor? Tuition classes?"

Did he lose his mind?

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