Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1161

However, now, he had tocompromise. If History was toppled, he would be done for too.

"Boss, I know how I can find Han Xiao. Give me two days...but, even if I can contact him, I can't guarantee that he will help us." David understood Han Xiao a little. To hire someone as unpredictable as him to help History was not an easy task.

"As long as he's capable, we'll fulfill whatever requirement he needs," said Ning Xueluo.

"Okay, Boss, I understand." David nodded and then left.

After he went out, David took out his phone, checked his phone log and made a call.

"Hey David, what's up?" A cheerful voice came from the other side of the phone.

"Jill, I need help with something," David said.

"The great designer David needs something from me! What is it?"

"Jill, do you remember that Italian Chinese called Han Xiao?" David went straight to the point and told him that he wanted to find Han Xiao.

There was an awkward silence after David blurted out Han Xiao's name.

After a while, Jill cautioned, "David, I was once in the same class as Han Xiao. He studied design just for fun. You don't understand that maniac at all. You have to stay away from him, David, I'm not kidding!"

"Jill...that maniac, what did he do?" David could hear her tone of fear when he mentioned Han Xiao.

"Han Xiao was on the blacklist of the underground powers in several countries. You could never imagine the things he did. That crazy dude once offended an Italian mafia gang and they sent hundreds of men to kill him, but the hundreds of men vanished that night! They couldn't find them up until now!"

David was shocked and stopped in his tracks.

"That's not all! The next night, that maniac finished off the whole mafia. The gang leader and core members were all found dead in their villa. It was reported that their internal organs were all removed with a scalpel and a few of them were stitched together. There's even a mural of a grave on the wall!"

"Who did it? Was it Han Xiao?" David whispered.

"Who knows? People were saying it was Han Xiao who did it, but there was no proof. If it's really Han Xiao, nobody knows how he even brought down the whole gang in just one night. He even finished off the boss and the core members!"

David felt a chill travel down his spine as he swore to himself that he never wanted to have anything to do with that maniac.

Unfortunately, for Ning Xueluo, he still had to look for him.

"Jill, do you have Han Xiao's contact?" David sighed.

"Okay, David, I'll give you his contact number. Good luck"

After he ended the call and having finally got his hands on Han Xiao's contact number, he felt uneasy. Following some consideration, he was too afraid to call the maniac, so he sent Han Xiao a text.

[Haha, Han Xiao bro, I'm David. Do you remember ma!?]

A notification soon lit up David's phone.

[Who's your ma?]

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