Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1162

Damn it! He felt nervous when he thought of the terrible rumors of Han Xiao, so he had typed in terror and made a typo, putting "ma" instead of "me".

[Bro Han Xiao, I mean, do you remember me? I'm David, a friend of Jill's. We've met before in Italy!]

David retyped his message multiple times, then picked the one he thought was most suitable to send.

[Oh, David, I don't know you.]

David felt a little awkward staring at his reply. They had really met before in Italy. In fact, he had sat right beside Jill.

[Haha, Bro Han Xiao, you must be too busy. We did meet before. You're coursemates with Jill, aren't you? I'm a good friend of hers.]

Even though Han Xiao had forgotten about him, he could not have forgotten about Jill.

[What's the matter?] Han Xiao replied.

[Bro Han Xiao, I found out that you're in Imperial now. So am I, how coincidental! I'd like to meet you to catch up.]

David struggled to send this message. He kind of hoped that Han Xiao would agree to meet him, yet a part of him hoped that Han Xiao would decline.

If Han Xiao declined, then he did not have to deal with such a dangerous person anymore, but it would mean he failed to deliver what he promised to Ning Xueluo.

[I'm eating at the finger-licking good store. It's on the west side of the Oriental East building.]

[It's KFC, isn't it?] David asked hesitantly.

[KFC, without the 'isn't it'.]

David was speechless. He lost a few years of life just texting this guy

After he received Han Xiao's location, David was still contemplating. Should he really meet that maniac?

However, as he reminded himself about Ning Xueluo and History's current situation, David knew what he had to do. David toughened himself up and drove to meet Han Xiao.

After some time, David stood outside of KFC's entrance. He took a deep breath before he entered. Han Xiao was easy to spot. He had the looks of a classic Asian hunk. Han Xiao was wearing a sporty outfit with his long black hair tied into a ponytail. He also wore a black snapback on his head and looked cool as usual.

Several sweet-looking girls were in front of Han Xiao, all staring at him.

"H-hello...y...do you mind...giving me your...contact number?"

Before David went up to him, several girls around the age of 18 were gathered around Han Xiao. Han Xiao raised his head a little and glanced at the girls. He seemed to be experienced in situations like this, so he ignored them.

The few girls just left without a word.

"Hahaha, my bro Han Xiao! I'm David!" David grinned at him as he went up to him.

"Sit." Han Xiao looked at the empty seat in front of him. "Order whatever you like, pay for yourself."

"It's alright, I ate before I came." David forced a smile.

"You're David, huh? I have some vague impression of you. What's the matter? Be straightforward, I don't like people wasting my time." Han Xiao then gobbled up the chicken he had, though he still looked unsatisfied.

"Alright, bro Han Xiao, I currently work at History. My boss knows how capable you are, so we'd like to invite you to join History." David dared not to beat around the bush with him and went straight to the point.

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