Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1163

"Get me a few more chickens first. I'm not full yet." Han Xiao looked at David with a bored expression.

"Sure, sure!" David stood up immediately and ordered five Orleans drumsticks. He took the tray with the chicken on it and carefully placed it in front of Han Xiao.

"About what you said just now, I'm not interested." Han Xiao munched on the chicken as he replied David nonchalantly.

David was speechless.

You ate five Orleans drumsticks that I bought and now you say you're not interested?

"Bro Han Xiao, my boss said that as long as you can help us to overthrow Spirit, we'll fulfill whatever you need" David tried to convince him.

'Spirit, hmm" Han Xiao put on a thinking face.

"Boss, I found Han Xiao. He's right beside me. Alright, I'll turn the speaker on, so you can speak to him personally." David called Ning Xueluo right away and put the call on speaker.

A gentle female voice was heard on the phone. "Hello Mr. Han, I'm"

"Didn't I just tell you that I'm not interested?" Han Xiao glared coldly at David.

For just a moment, David felt a chill shudder throughout his body. He ended the phone call immediately without giving any chance for Ning Xueluo to speak.

"I'm...I'm sorry." Cold sweat ran down David's brow. Although Han Xiao looked calm, a glare from him made David feel like it was oddly difficult to breathe.

"That's alright," Han Xiao said.

"Yes, please carry on with your meal. Do call me if there's anything...oh, texting is fine as well."

David then left the shop awkwardly. After Han Xiao finished the chicken, he licked his hand and then left, heading towards the direction of History's headquarters.

"Wait! What are you looking at? I'm talking about you!"

On the first floor of History's headquarters, a few security guards stopped Han Xiao who was dressed in a sports outfit.

"Do you know where this is? Who do you think you are to come in?!" One of the guards pointed his electric baton at Han Xiao threateningly.

Not just anyone could enter History's headquarters. Their boss was the renowned celebrity, Ning Xueluo, and numerous media and paparazzi wanted to go in every day.

"Put away your toys."

Han Xiao put on an odd smile when the electric baton was pointed at him as his clear eyes started to change.

"You look just like a sissy. Go away!" The security guard impatiently demanded.

Han Xiao ignored him and walked right past the few guards with a couple of deft steps, then went right into the headquarters.

"Are you deaf!?"

"Who is this guy looking for trouble?!"

The few guards were enraged. A few days ago, they were informed not to let any media reporters go in, especially strangers. Seeing this person in a sports outfit ignoring them, one of the guards attacked Han Xiao with his electric baton.

These security guards were playing by the rules. They could not aim at the troublemaker's head because they would be held responsible if something bad happened, so they aimed at his body instead.


The baton swung down with a considerable amount of force.


The next moment, the security guard was shocked.

Han Xiao did not even turn around. He had simply blocked the electric baton by pointing a finger at his back.

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