Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1164

The few remaining guards were all surprised.

Did he just stop the electric baton with a finger?! That baton was swung by a guard weighing 180 pounds!

"Didn't I just say...to keep your toys away?"

Han Xiao slowly turned around and there was a flash of morbid insanity in his eyes. Under the aghast expressions of the guards, the electric baton had been broken into half by Han Xiao's right hand.

"Big Bro! This way here! Please let us know if you need anything!" The security guard suddenly did 180-degree change and succumbed to him. The other guards were frightened and had broken out into a cold sweat as well. Was this beautiful man before them even human? Could he be some sort of demon or ghoul?

Han Xiao did not continue to care about the guards. Instead, he turned around and walked right into History's headquarter.

With the presence of Mr. Han Xiao, History's headquarters instantly exploded into a frenzy.

"Ooh...so pretty! Even prettier than our big boss, Ning Xueluo!"

"Such a pretty girl. Those female celebrities whose popularities rely on their faces aren't even this pretty!"

"Are you blind?! Such beauty, it must be a boy!"

"Bro Han Xiao, why are you here?!" David, who was ready to go out, thought his eyes had deceived him when he saw Han Xiao as soon he stepped out of Ning Xueluo's office.

"Quickly, come in!"

David immediately went up to lead Han Xiao into Ning Xueluo's office.


At that moment, Ning Xueluo was flipping through some documents in the office when she heard David's voice. She frowned and was about to say something when she noticed a beautiful man walk in with David into her office.

"David, this is...?" Ning Xueluo's eyes could not help but closely assess Han Xiao, then she asked.

Ning Xueluo had seen Han Xiao's pictures from fashion magazines, but they were all quite blurry and he also looked different now, which was why she could not immediately recognize Han Xiao.

When he heard her, David quickly walked up and introduced with a huge smile, "Boss, this is Han Xiao."

"Han Xiao?"

When she heard it was Han Xiao, Ning Xueluo was stunned for a moment. This graceful man before her was once the mad genius of Italy's fashion design industry?

"Mr. Han, I have beenlooking forward to meeting you for a long time." Ning Xueluo immediately got up from her chair and walked up to extend her right hand towards Han Xiao.

However, Han Xiao merely walked past Ning Xueluo and sat on her chair instead. He then propped his feet up on the table and asked plainly, "So, History's boss, what do you need me for?"

When he saw Han Xiao's attitude towards Ning Xueluo, David was afraid that Ning Xueluo would be offended and that things could get out of hand, so he wanted to explain,"Boss, Han Xiao...he's like this, don't..."

Nevertheless, Ning Xueluo just watched the man's antics and did not seem to care. She put down her arms and turned to face Han Xiao. As she smiled, she said, "Mr. Han Xiao, I've been meaning to meet you but it looks like you've heard a bit from David. No worries, I can repeat it again."

"I'm listening," said Han Xiao as he lowered his hat, looking like he was about to fall asleep.

"Mr. Han Xiao, let me first introduce myself. I'm Ning Xueluo, History's owner, and History is a high-end luxury fashion brand. As for myself, I admire all of your past work, thus I'd like to hire you handsomely as History's design consultant," Ning Xueluo got right to the point.

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