Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1165

"Oh...History's design department? Isn't there anyone else." Han Xiao leaned back into Ning Xueluo's chair and stacked both feet up on her expensive desk as he smirked at her.

When Han Xiao said this, it was a little hard for David to keep a straight face. He was the head of the design department! However, David did not dare to lose his temper at Han Xiao, so he could only smile carefully and go with whatever Han Xiao said.

"I won't hide, Mr. Han. History's design team is lacking inspiration recently and our market share has been taken over by our company's biggest rival. Otherwise, we wouldn't have thought of troubling you," said Ning Xueluo, not bothering to tread carefully.

Her priority now was to overpower Spirit; everything else could be discussed. She understood that those with talents were always slightly more eccentric. As long as he had the capability, it did not matter!

"Spirit," mumbled Han Xiao.

He had looked into Spirit's apparels and felt that the designer was indeed a genius. From the outfit's designs to its charm, they were all perfect. In just this aspect, it had outdone History too much.

The current History could only continue to fight with Spirit because it had become a market leader earlier, and the consumers had a strong first impression of it. Plus, History's past famous works had initially gone viral thanks to the media. Otherwise, History would have been long gone and overpowered by Spirit.

Frankly, it was a company that was on the verge of danger. Even though it looked alright on the surface, over time, if History still could not produce attractive work, they would be completely destroyed by Spirit. It was just a matter of time.

Spirit's designer was indeed worthy of being called a genius. Such a person and his work actually got Han Xiao excited.

Even though he had only studied fashion design out of boredom back then, as long as there was something that sparked his interest, he was glad to continue dabbling in it regardless of the field.

When she saw that Han Xiao was having a long contemplation, Ning Xueluo smiled and asked, "I wonder if you know of Spirit's brand?"

Han Xiao did not answer Ning Xueluo's question. In his mind, he recalled the few designs in Spirit's store from that night. They were elegantly classic with a unique flavor and charm to them.

In addition to that, those few designs had ignited quite a bit of his creative inspiration. Had it been him, he would have torn that charm from the East into fragments and break the traditional yokes to create a deathly and black-colored feast.

"I'm quite interested in Spirit." Han Xiao fixed his hat straight and there was a burning radiance in his eyes.

That night, he told Ning Xi that Spirit's designer was not as good as him, yet that woman still did not believe him and even made cutting remarks. He saw no harm in warming up and comparing himself with Spirit's talented designer to see whose work could be full of unstoppable charm.

Ning Xueluo examined the handsome man before him and her eyes shone. Did this mean they had a deal?

"Mr. Han, if possible, I would like to hire you to become History's head designer for a handsome fee," announced Ning Xueluo as she smiled gently at Han Xiao.

"Boss..." David's expression instantly changed into an incredulous one. He wanted to say something but had been received a warning glare from Ning Xueluo.

David had mixed emotions. He had gone through all the trouble to invite Han Xiao over today, yet his boss Ning Xueluo had let Han Xiao take over his position. They had already discussed beforehand that he was only invited to cope with the emergency at hand!

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