Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1166

"Huh! I'm not interested, I'm only interested in Spirit," said Han Xiao as a cold sparkle twinkled in his eyes.

When she heard that Han Xiao was not interested, Ning Xueluo was obviously disappointed and David was secretly relieved.

"Mr. Han, may I just ask one more thing? Do you actually have a history with Spirit?" When she thought about this, Ning Xueluo could not help but look gleeful.

"Nah, I'm just bored," said Han Xiao with a shady smile.

"Hmm, okay." Ning Xueluo felt a little awkward. Han Xiao was just as the rumors said. He would only do what he fancied and did not need any reason at all.

"How much in rewards do you need to be willing to take on the task?" Ning Xueluo tried to ask again.

"Zero. I'm just getting an itch, that's all," Han Xiao simply said, startling them even more.


At Peachwood, Ning Xi had finally ended her outstation work trips and was free, so she had prepared to spend the day with the big and little bun.

However, just as she was ready to get some groceries from the supermarket, her phone rang. It was Zhuang Keer.

Lu Tingxiao had obviously seen the name on the screen from the corner of his eye. When she received the superior wife's, no...the superior's boss's look, Ning Xi immediately turned on the loudspeaker before picking up the call.

"Hello, Keer?"

"Xiao Xi, I've got something to tell you. Are you free now?"

Hmm, from Keer's tone, what was she trying to say?

"Well..." Ning Xi swallowed her saliva. Could she say no? Definitely not!

Thus, Ning Xi could only force herself to say with a straightforward and upright expression, "Yeah, I'm free! Go ahead!"

"My father and my grandfather already knowabout you saving me and Rongguang from the night before," said Zhuang Keer from the other end of the phone.

When she heard this, Ning Xi felt her legs go weak as she looked miserably at the poker-faced devil beside her. Damn it! She was dead!

She had painstakingly kept it a secret for so long but at last, she was still caught off-guard!What worried her even more was that the devil seemed so calm. Could...could this be the calm before the storm?

"Xiao Xi...Xiao Xi, are you still listening to me?" When Ning Xi suddenly went silent, Zhuang Keer asked from the other end of the phone curiously.

"Um, yes I'm here. How did your father and grandfather find out? Didn't we already say that we won't tell your family? How's Zhuang Rongguang? Did he get a terrible beating?" Ning Xi asked gloomily.

"Rongguang was whipped by my father. He got a pretty deep wound but it's been treated and it's alright now. Thankfully, I'm okay, or else, my father would've really killed him! Xiao Xi, we really have you to thank..." Zhuang Keer sighed.

"Keer, is there anything else?" Ning Xi asked.

Because if there was nothing else, she was going to hang up and accept the devil's punishment...

Zhuang Keer quickly continued, "Oh, I almost forgot the main thing. My father and my grandfather want to treat you to dinner today. They told me that I must invite you over!"

"Well..." Ning Xi was hesitant, then she secretly stole a look at the devil.

The thing was she did not know how long she would need to kneel on the washboard and whether she could leave...

The calmer the devil looked, the more afraid she was. Arghh!!!

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