Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1167

"Xiao Xi, you must come this time. if we don't thank you for this, our family won't feel good. Of course, it's not just for the night before! A lot has happened recently. I've told my parents about it and my mother especially applied for leave from the military to rush home to meet you!" Zhuang Keer said quickly.


Even Keer's mother had returned? She heard that Madam Zhuang's work was highly confidential and that she would only come home a few times a year!

"Actually you really didn't have to go through all the trouble. I was just helping out. We're friends. Do you still have to thank me for helping you? Besides, you've helped me out before too!"

"Xiao Xi, those things I helped you with were nothing. It wasn't even anything... Whatever it is, this is a must and if you don't come, my family won't feel good!" Zhuang Keer insisted with a serious tone.

Since Zhuang Keer had put it as such and Madam Zhuang had applied for leave, Ning Xi thought about it and decided it was not good to reject, so she could only say, "Okay, got it, I'll go over!"

"Mmm, that's it then! I'll wait for you!" Zhuang Keer hung up happily.

After they hung up, Ning Xi quickly ran to the kitchen and found a washboard. Then, she decided it was not enough and suddenly dug up a durian before appearing before the devil.

Ning Xi held the washboard in one hand and the durian in the other as she stood before Lu Tingxiao and looked up to him. Her expression was as flattering as she could be. "My dear, choose one! As long as you won't be angry!"

Lu Tingxiao remained expressionless. His eyes skimmed the washboard and the durian in her hand, then the space between his brows tripped as if he was about to collapse. "You think this is enough?"

This...was this not enough...!?

Ning Xi instantly felt like a bolt from the blue had just struck her. She looked hopeless and threw the things in her hands away, then whipped out her fatal weapon.

"Oh!!!" She wailed as she hugged the little bun's leg. "Little bun, save me!"

"Mommy?" Little Treasure tilted his head in confusion. Even though he did not know why Mommy wanted him to save her, he hugged his mother with determination as he shot a mean look at his father with a protective pose.

"You know that she did something wrong, don't you?" Lu Tingxiao looked at his son and said coldly.

The little bun looked at Mommy first, then continued to look vengefully at Father without hesitation. Basically, his attitude shouted, "My Mommy is right! Even if she's wrong, she's right!"

Ning Xi continued to pretend to cry and hug the little bun.

Lu Tingxiao was speechless.

As he watched the mother and son duo, the ice on Lu Tingxiao broke and he pinched the space between his brows. "Enough, I already know about it."

When Ning Xi heard him, she was stunned.

Huh? What did the devil mean?

"You...you already knew?" Ning Xi's eyes widened.

"Did you really think you hid it very well?" Lu Tingxiao looked at her disdainfully from the corner of his eye.

Ning Xi swiftly went with the flow and brownnosed him, "My dear, you really do love me! My acting is so good, yet you saw through me immediately!"

Lu Tingxiao shot her a look from the side again. "Practice makes perfect."

Ning Xi was speechless.

How many times had she done this for him to be so polished?

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