Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1172

Han Xiao's attitude made Ning Xueluo displeased, but neither was Han Xiao David, nor was he an employee of History. In fact, she had to borrow Han Xiao's hand to throw Spirit into the bottomless abyss, so she could only hold it in for now.

"Haha, don't take it to heart, Mr. Han, I'm just casually asking... As for your design, I'm in full admiration of your work, so I'm planning to mass produce it,"Ning Xueluo finished and started to examined the designs again. However, within a few breaths, Ning Xueluo frowned.

Before this, she had not noticed it but there was an obvious flaw. All of the designs had lacked bodies.

"Mr. Han Xiao, there's a slight flaw with your designs." NIng Xueluo put the designs back onto the table before Han Xiao and pointed out.

When he saw this, Han Xiao stood up and looked at Ning Xueluo with eyes that revealed no human emotion.

Being sized up by Han Xiao like this, she was not sure why but Ning Xueluo felt her entire body turn stiff.

"Can an incoherent rookie like you know what a flaw is?" Han Xiao's lips curled up and revealed a devillish smile. "There're no perfect designs. Perfection...is an imperfection in itself. If that is so, why should I rack my brains to pretend to achieve perfection?"

"Oh, Bro Han Xiao is right! Boss is just worried about you, so please don't take it to heart...haha..." David stammered. Even if he did offend Ning Xueluo, he dared not to step on Han Xiao's toes.

In fact, his Boss was really not well-versed in this aspect, yet she had questioned Han Xiao's work. Wait till she riled up this crazy Han Xiao, then she would know what a flaw was. He was afraid that trouble would implicate the innocent and he would be turned into a flaw by Han Xiao...

"Bro Han Xiao, this design must be trying to express that perfection is a form of ugliness, and we should just admit our shortcomings. That's a kind of beauty in itself." David smiled widely as he brown-nosed.

"What do you know?" Han Xiao pulled down his cap again and leaned back. "I'm just lazy to continue designing flaws."

When he heard this, David's face turned gloomy and he felt awkward. Han Xiao was being a little too straightforward.

"Then, Mr. Han, what're you trying to say?" Ning Xueluo enquired.

Ning Xueluo was not confident. Even if there were some flaws and despite not being able to resist the charm of this apparel, she did not know what Han Xiao meant. This person was so weird.

"History can produce this piece but the numbers cannot exceed 50 units," said Han Xiao plainly.


"You mean to make it a limited edition?"

"My work is meant to be looked at, not for profit. Understand?" Han Xiao replied.

"Okay, I understand, I'll produce 50 first." Ning Xueluo thought about it and agreed in the end.

After all, as long as Han Xiao stayed in their company, they would have many more of such work and even if the production was little, it could improve History's branding.

"Mr. Han Xiao, I wonder what this outfit should be called?" Ning Xueluo asked before she left.

"Black Religion,"Han Xiao answered.


Very soon, Han Xiao's Black Religion was finally been produced by History. There were a total of 50 pieces, no more, no less.

And the first outfit from Black Religion had been kept for Ning Xueluo's personal collection.

Subsequently, Ning Xueluo invited all the huge fashion magazines and some influential fashion houses to view History's latest masterpiece.

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