Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1175

"Are you asking for death?!"

The fat man raged and he grabbed Han Xiao up from the floor.

"You bastard, acting tough in front of the lady, huh!?"

"You idiot, I'm going to slap you until you can't be recognized by your mother!"

The other students started yelling at him the moment he was grabbed.

Ning Xi covered her face and groaned. This guy was too good at looking for trouble!

"Fatso, listen to me, let go." Han Xiao smiled at him.

"Who did you just call a fatso? I'm going to punch you to death!" The fat student became even angrier.

"Fatso, do you believe that I can kill you with just a finger?" Han Xiao's smile vanished.

"You're dead!" The fat student yelled at Han Xiao and then launched a punch at him.

Before his punch even reached Han Xiao, a shadow of a finger sliced through. In the blink of an eye, before Han Xiao's finger even reached him, the force of his finger blew a gust of wind at the fat student's hair. He then pointed his finger at the fatso's torso.

The onlookers did not know what happened, but they saw the 120-kilogram student fly across the room all of a sudden.


The fat student crashed on the floor hard. He groaned as he covered his torso with both hands.

"See! I told you so but you didn't believe me." Han Xiao sat back on the floor and giggled.

Everyone was shocked. Had the sissy-looking man really used just a finger to make the fat student fly across the room?

"Who's that monster?"

"DId he just make Weiqiang fly that far away with just a finger?"

"Skills?! Inner strength? Don't tell me he came here from the ancient kungfu times!?"

"You watch too much drama series!"

"Such explosive power with that tiny body frame! Could he have used force?!"

"Force? What force?"

"You guys don't know? I read about it in an ancient book. People train strength first, then only revise their form. As the form matures, it becomes a skill. At the end of a skill, it becomes force, hidden force, transformed force, the training of Qi, et cetera!" A middle-aged man explained.

"Bro Liang, are you serious about what you just said? All that is real?"

"You youngsters are too young to understand. Of course, it's real. It's recorded in an ancient book. You think it's fake just because you don't know about it." The middle-aged man shook his head.

"Ancient book? I bet, Bro Liang, you've read too many martial arts novels!"

"Fine, take it as I'm lying. You guys are the best, go and fight him!" The middle-aged man shrugged.

Everyone shook their heads. Even a fat guy was blown away with just his finger, so who would dare to fight him?!

"Sorry... I'm really sorry!"

Ning Xi was embarrassed as she dragged Han Xiao to flee from the Taekwondo center. She just wanted to find a place for Han Xiao to teach her a few skills, but who knew this would happen?

"You're really good at causing trouble." Ning Xi glared at Han Xiao after she stopped the car.

"Lady, it was those people who wanted to attack me." Han Xiao put on an innocent expression.

"Would they attack you if you didn't call them trash?" Ning Xi was helpless.

"They really are trash." Han Xiao thought about it.

Ning Xi's mouth twitched. She had no comeback to this.

"Just some fancy moves, there's nothing interesting." Han Xiao said with a bored face

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