Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1176

"Haha, noble warrior, why don't you fly to the sky?!" Ning Xi rolled her eyes at Han Xiao, then threw him out of the car and pointed at the wall to sneer, "If you're all that capable, show me how vicious you can be. Prove it to me..."

Before Ning Xi could finish her sentence, Han Xiao's hand flashed by and a thunderous sound was heard. Ning Xi stared at the wall that had been turned to powder by Han Xiao and found herself frozen on the spot.

With just one hand, he had hit the wall into rubble. Parts of the wall had become fine powder and they floated like snow in mid-air.

Ning Xi was speechless.

I'm going to kneel to this god!

This peasant has failed to recognize your great talents!

Ning Xi could swear to God that she had only seen such martial arts skills in novels. Only in novels...

If she had not already had Second Senior Brother as her mentor, Ning Xi would definitely have made this crazy guy her instructor.

Pfft, actually even if she had Second Senior Brother, she could still get another mentor.

But she kept her thoughts to herself. This guy's moves probably could not be learned by just anyone. She could probably only learn a move or two to protect her life.

"You have some kind of vengeance towards this wall?" Han Xiao retrieved his hands and looked at Ning Xi with confusion.

"No..." Ning Xi dumbfoundedly shook her head.

"No? Then, why did you make me hit the wall? You're crazy." Han Xiao turned around and got into the car.

Ning Xi was speechless once again.

What the hell? You're the one who is crazy!

She had just simply said so, but who would have thought that he would really hit it!?

Was the crazy one not him?

"Haha, noble warrior, what would you like to eat tonight? I'll definitely treat you to anything... Teach me two moves too..." Ning Xi mocked him at heart but was smiling to curry favor on the surface.

Then, Ning Xi's phone suddenly rang. It was Gong Shangze.

Ning Xi's expression immediately turned serious. "Understood, I'll get back immediately. I hope we can topple History's Black Religion this time," Ning Xi said, then hung up.

Han Xiao obviously heard Ning Xi's words.

"You know Black Religion too?" Han Xiao was instantly energized.

"Of course, I do." Ning Xi did not hide much from Han Xiao. "I'm Spirit's boss! Recently, History released Black Religion and it impacted our company hugely. Never mind, you wouldn't understand even if I told you!"

Han Xiao's eyes flew wide and he gaped at Ning Xi with astonishment. "You're Spirit's boss?"

"Do you have to be so shocked?" Ning Xi grumbled.

"You should have told me earlier. I designed Black Religion! What do you think? Not bad, right?!" Han Xiao said cheerfully, crossing one leg over the other.

"It was you? The entire world's famous brands were made by you, the god." Ning Xi shot Han Xiao a skeptical look. Of course, she did not believe him.

"It's really my design," said Han Xiao firmly.

"I know, you designed it." Ning Xi had a serious expression and nodded cooperatively.

"I'm telling the truth..." Han Xiao was not dumb either. He obviously knew that Ning Xi did not believe him.

"Don't mess with me anymore, I'll really push you out." Ning Xi gritted her teeth and immediately opened the car door. She was already very annoyed by this incident, yet this guy kept bringing it up.

"Black Religion is really mine..."

Before Han Xiao could finish, he had actually been pushed out of the car by Ning Xi.

Han Xiao knocked on the car window and said blankly, "It's really me..."

The moment he said that, Ning Xi floored the accelerator and disappeared, leaving Han Xiao behind on the roadside.

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