Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1178

Many huge brands in the market also used cloud-pattern brocade but they were clearly different when compared to the authentic brocade.

"Plus diamonds, gold silk, high quality blended fabric, and jadeites," Han Xiao listed out quite a few materials at a go.

When he heard Han Xiao's request, David was dumbfounded. What was this Han Xiao trying to do? Everything he listed was incredibly rare and expensive.

The gold silk and diamonds were aesthetically pleasing while the jadeites need no explanation. The high-quality blended fabric was high-tech materials used for astronaut uniforms.

"Uhh... Hold on... I-I'll go talk to the boss," said David with a weak smile before he quickly turned around and left.

David dared not to offend him. Besides, even though the things he wanted were expensive, Ning Xueluo called the shots and controlled the budget anyway. Moments later, David reached Ning Xueluo's office and informed her of Han Xiao's request.

"I'll prepare it for them as soon as possible," answered Ning Xueluo without much hesitation.

After all, Han Xiao had already proven his capabilities and Ning Xueluo was very confident about him. If he wanted those materials, then he must want to create better outfits, so of course, she was eager to give him what he wanted.

Ning Xueluo was very efficient. Within two days, she had finished gathering all the materials Han Xiao needed. As for the price, it was considered sky-high, especially the jades. It had all been prepared according to Han Xiao's request and the jadeite was of the highest quality.

When he got the materials, Han Xiao chased the unnecessary people out of the department and locked himself in the room.

Three days later, Han Xiao submitted all of his drafts and materials that he had polished and processed to Ning Xueluo, telling her to produce the pieces according to the drafts.

Ning Xueluo opened the draft and felt her heart beat faster.

This was like Asura's purgatory. Apart from Asura's ghostly figure, most of them used the mysterious strange beasts from the "Classic of Mountain and Sea" [1] as the main pattern. Compared to Black Religion, the level of its avant-garde was considerably higher.

"Mr. Han Xiao, what's this piece called?" Ning Xueluo was a little curious.

"Beings," answered Han Xiao.

"Good name, but you only produced one outfit," Ning Xueluo commented uncertainly.

"If you have enough funds and have a lot of such materials, then we can also consider mass production," Han Xiao laughed evilly.

Ning Xueluo immediately shook her head. The price of these materials was too expensive and History would not even be able to afford to mass produce them, but if it was only one piece, it could be considered the most treasured piece of the collection, thekey highlight.

"Ha, Spirit, you guys are about to close down reeaaal soon." Ning Xueluo's mouth curved into a grin and there was a sinister sparkle in her eyes.

It took a week to produce Beings and when the sixth day came, Ning Xueluo released news that History was about to announce the highlight piece of their collection and that it was on a level that far surpassed Black Religion.

When this news was released, all the media swarmed to wait outside History's headquarters. They all wanted to be the first to see History's latest highlight.

There were even more History's loyal fans that had started live streaming about the highlight piece and it instantly made it to Weibo's hot topic list. Almost all of the fans were waiting with anticipation.

Just one line, Black Religion, had pushed History to the peak. If this piece was on a higher level than Black Religion, they simply could not imagine it.

History's diehard fans were running high on enthusiasm. They had taken the initiative to insult Spirit and its fans online. The hooting and rivalry online was getting more and more intense, and there was no sign of it stopping.

At first, Spirit's supporters would fight back occasionally, but once it went on longer, they all fell into a silence and there was no response from Spirit's end.

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