Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1179

The next morning, journalists from every fashion magazine swiftly swarmed into History's headquarters.

Ning Xueluo was as pleased as punch. She looked proud as she led the media into the design department.

However, in the end...

They were dumbfounded when they reached.

The entire department was empty. Han Xiao and Beings had vanished altogether.

All the reporters present started to cause a commotion as they looked at one another in dismay.

"Uhh, CEO Ning, where is your brand's highlight piece?"

"Is there some mysterious surprise?"

"Probably, quickly get ready!"


Among the discussion, Ning Xueluo kept a calm expression and lowered her voice to ask David, "Where's he?! Didn't he know I was going to bring the media here today?"

David was even more taken aback. "I've told him! In fact, I reminded him over and over! Don't worry, I'll call him now..."


At the same time, at Spirit headquarters, Han Xiao had just crashed the office, and the few security guards were all bruised up in the face as they followed behind Han Xiao carefully. They dared not to get close to him.

"Who're you looking for?" Gong Shangze looked at Han Xiao with alarm and asked.

"Ning Xi," said Han Xiao.

Gong Shangze looked at the beaten up security guards behind Han Xiao and did not say much. He walked to Ning Xi's office and called out, "Boss, someone's looking for you!"

"Boss, this person...just barged in, we couldn't stop him!" One of the security guards quickly explained.

"No worries, you guys leave first." When Ning Xi saw Han Xiao, she was first stunned, then she shot him a mean look and turned around to smile sweetly at the guards.

When the guards had left, Ning Xi instantly looked unhappy. "You came to my company and hit my guards? Is this how you treat the person who saved you?"

Han Xiao looked sternly at her. "Where should I begin, Lady Ning? I'm here to give you a gift."

"I'm not free!"

Ning Xi was not free. She looked anxiously at Gong Shangze and said, "Isn't History announcing their highlight piece today? Is there any news?"

Gong Shangze was flipping through his computer and looked shocked when he saw something, then he immediately said, "That's weird...the current news is actually...all the media are criticizing History's hype. They found nothing when they went to History's headquarters. There isn't any highlight piece..."

"What?" When she heard this, Ning Xi had just sipped on her coffee. She spat it all on Han Xiao's face instead and exclaimed in disbelief, "The highlight piece that's been said to surpass Black Religion in every aspect is just an empty hype?"

She had worried for a night and not slept as she was getting ready for all the impact from History's god-like designer, yet they had made such a mistake?!

"Lady Ning, there isn't a highlight piece for History, but I do have one for Spirit here." Han Xiao silently wiped away the coffee drops on his face and opened the box in his hand. He laid an incredibly luxurious gown out before Ning Xi.

Before Ning Xi could look at it, Gong Shangze had jumped up and taken big steps over to carefully hold up the gown in disbelief.

"So...so exquisite..." Until Ning Xi had examined it clearly, she was dumbstruck as well.

"This style... It's completely an upgraded version of Black Religion!" Gong Shangze could not help but gasp.

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