Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1180

This time, the classic dark style was elaborated to its ultimate elegance. It was definitely not on par with History's previously produced Black Religion outfits!

The only style it could be compared to was probably only Gong Shangze and the national artist, Master Song Jin's Luoshen!

"So beautiful, and these materials... This is? Whoa, diamonds? And jades? Traditional cloud-patterned brocade! My God, gold silk!" Ning Xi was completely overwhelmed on the spot. The materials used to produce this gown alone were out of this world!

"High-quality blended fabric?" Gong Shangze touched Beings and his expression changed to one of bewilderment.

"Blended fabric? What's that?" Ning Xi quickly asked.

Gong Shangze paused for a moment before explaining, "Let me explain. This kind of material is usually used to produce astronauts' uniforms when they go to outer space."

Ning Xi did not know what to say anymore. Even though she was not an expert in the industry, it was enough to know just a little. The one word "expensive" was enough. Thus, she instantly picked up the gown and carefully held it up.

Then, she suddenly turned to look at Gong Shangze and looked extremely afflicted. "Han Xiao, tell me honestly, did you steal this from History?!"

History had even called the media over and said that they would show their highlight piece today. How could they have hyped things up over nothing!?

Ning Xi was seriously suspecting if this very gown was History's highlight piece and if it had been stolen by Han Xiao.

He definitely had the capability to steal the gown!

"This dress?" Han Xiao stared at Beings lovingly. "I made it."

"My ass!" Ning Xi did not believe him.

"Black Religion was mine too. This one is called Beings," said Han Xiao.

Ning Xi pinched the space between her brows and did not have the energy to deal with him. "My noble warrior, can't we chat happily?"

"If such a dress had been stolen from Spirit, would you report it to the police?" Han Xiao narrowed his eyes and smiled wryly to ask.

"Nonsense, of course, I'd report it to the police," Ning Xi said.

"Then, could History be even dumber than you? Even you know how to call the police, yet History remained silent and is even being criticized by the media for hyping up nothing. Still, they don't say a word?" Han Xiao gave a sneaky smile.

Ning Xi was stumped for words. "Ugh...who are you calling dumb now!?"

"Boss, if History had really been robbed of such a dress, they definitely wouldn't remain silent and would be honest with the media. After all, the value of this dress...is too high," Gong Shangze immediately declared. At the same time, his expression when he looked at Han Xiao gradually changed.

As they spoke, Han Xiao's phone suddenly rang. It was David. Han Xiao picked up the phone and put it on the loudspeaker.

"Bro Han Xiao, where did you go? Today is the press conference for Beings and all the fashion media are here at History's headquarters. If you disappear, then Beings will disappear too..."

In such a state of emergency, David's voice remained gentle and he did not sound angry at all. He wanted to shout and scold Han Xiao but sadly, he did not have such guts.

"What does that have to do with me?" Han Xiao asked in reply.

"Bro Han Xiao...isn'tBeings the highlight piece that you designed for History?" David asked weakly, and even though his voice was gentle, it was clear enough for Ning Xi and Gong Shangze to hear.

"Which ear of yours heard me say this?" Han Xiao's voice struck out coldly.

"No, no, no...haha, that's our boss who misunderstood. She misunderstood..."

"Beings is my work. I'll handle it however I want to. You might understand what I mean," said Han Xiao.

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