Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1181

"I understand, I really do. Your Beings never had any ties to History... You didn't sign any contract with the boss either, so naturally, you can handle it however you want to now," David chuckled along and even found a reason for Han Xiao himself.

After David finished, Han Xiao hung up.

While Ning Xi looked stupefied, her heart was all over the place, yet she could not say a word...

She remembered that back then, Han Xiao did say he was a designer but she had not believed him.

What the hell!? This violent madman is unexpectedly an even more talented designer than Gong Shangze!

She would not believe this even if she was given another chance! This was just too illogical!

As he looked as Ning Xi's astonished and sullen expression, Han Xiao was finally satisfied. "Black Religion made a huge impact on Spirit, so Beings is considered my small token of sincerity. It can be a gift or a compensation to you. Please accept it."

Uhh, what was with his tone that sounded like he was just casually giving her a little trinket!?

Ning Xi looked at the incredibly luxurious gown from the corner of her eye. "Uhh, that...wouldn't be too suitable..."

Han Xiao looked at her firmly. "Don't worry, it's not meant to make up for the previous favor. My life is not that cheap. History will definitely not dare to look into this, don't think too much."

"Sigh, since you've put it that way, I'll just accept it reluctantly!" Despite saying that she was reluctant, her hands accepted the gown swiftly. "Momo, store the gown properly!"

Even though Han Xiao's tone was arrogant, she now entirely believed that this dress was really just a trifle to him. Furthermore, this had been extorted from Ning Xueluo, so of course, she would not waste it!

As Gong Shangze watched the way this rollercoaster had progressed far beyond his expectations, he remained at a loss...

History's trump card which they had worried most about actually knew Ning Xi and seems to even owe her a favor...

Had their rival's highlight piece now become theirs?


Han Momo had been working on the side and was shocked until her jaw dropped. She only returned to her senses when Ning Xi called for her to put the gown away and she ran over immediately.

"Also, Momo, quickly contact the media to say that Spirit will announce our highlight piece today!" Ning Xi decided to strike while the iron was hot and announce both Spirit and Han Xiao's two outfits following History's mishap.

"Okay! Right away!" Momo was instantly excited when she heard the order.

If History saw that their dress had appeared in Spirit, they would be furious! This was truly the meaning of sewing somebody else's trousseau [1]!

As Ning Xi said this, Han Xiao suddenly pulled onto Gong Shangze's collar and asked, "Want to fight?"

Ning Xi quickly hit his hand away annoyedly. "What are you doing?! He's an innocent designer. Why would he want to fight with you!? Do you think everyone's like you?"

"Then, why is he looking at me like that?" Han Xiao asked coldly.

Ning Xi pinched the juncture between her brows. "My designer has been wanting to know who the designer behind Black Religion is ever since he saw it. Now that you're standing right before him, he's just taking a few extra glances at you, so what's wrong? Would it hurt you?"

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