Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1182

Gong Shangze felt a little embarrassed. "I'm sorry, Mr. Han,I was only interested in your design style"

Han Xiao looked at this young man in front of him with interest. "So, he's Spirit's designer?"

"Yeah, didn't you mention that he made you feel like challenging him? Fine, I need to apologize. I'm sorry that I didn't believe you were a designer. I'm really impressed!" Ning Xi said.

Han Xiao glanced at her. "I told you so. But Spirit's designer is not at my level and I can end him anytime I want to. Do you believe me now?"

Ning Xi suddenly thought of something. "Wait! Wait! So...the reason you went to History and made all this fuss...was because I didn't believe in you?"


Ning Xi was speechless.

What a straightforward bastard!

She had guessed a million times who Ning Xueluo had hired, but she did not expect that all of this had happened because of her

Ning Xi put a hand on her forehead. "I'm wrong, my God! I'm really wrong... I'll believe every single thing you say in the future! Every. Single. Thing!"

Gong Shangze was startled as well. He did not expect this person to design Black Religion because of him. He was not angry when Han Xiao said that he could end him anytime because he really could. Gong Shangze was actually glad that Han Xiao saw him as a worthy opponent.

"Okay, as my apology and gratitude for your gift, I'll treat you to dinner tonight after the conference later!" Ning Xi told Han Xiao.

Of course, he would not reject an invitation for food!

Han Xiao gave her an "OK" sign, then left swiftly.

After Han Xiao left, Gong Shangze asked Ning Xi, "Boss, do you think it's possible to recruit Mr. Han into our company?"

If someone like him were to join Spirit

Ning Xi denied Gong Shangze's suggestion instantly, "Don't even think about it. I can't control that guy at all. No matter how powerful a weapon is, if you can't control it, it'll go against you."

Ning Xueluo was the best example.

Moreover, someone as unpredictable as him would not stay anywhere for too long. From his attitude, one could see that design was just one of his little hobbies.

Gong Shangze did not pursue any further and his eyes brightened. Talented people were out there and they were talented to the point that not even jealousy could help. He could only be impressed and continue to work on his own craft to close the gap

After a short preparation, Han Momo quickly released the news of the conference. The venue would be at the Royal Jazz Hotel in Imperial.

Although the news was released late, the media sped to the venue as soon as possible and the news went viral.

It really made people curious what Spirit's announcement would be, especially right after they got nothing from History!

It was definitely big news!

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