Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1183

At the multipurpose hall in the Royal Jazz Hotel.

In just an hour after the news was released, the hall was fully seated.

Most of the journalists were disappointed at History. Just as they were about to write articles criticizing History, they quickly came over the moment they heard about Spirit's conference. It was very likely that they would get big news, so of course, they would reach there as soon as possible.

Of course, while History was busy looking for Han Xiao after he disappeared, they received the news about Spirit's conference.

Ning Xueluo sent some people over, but because she was anxious, she put on a pair of sunglasses and went there personally. She wanted to see for herself what the heck Spirit was doing! No matter what they did, as long as she could get Han Xiao back, History still stood a chance.

Han Xiao was already so unpredictable. Even after the phone call, Ning Xueluo did not give up, and she asked David to try everything he could to get in contact with him again.

On the Internet, History's fans said that History would never use such a method to raise their popularity and that some accident must have happened. After it was solved, they would surely present their highlight piece in the grandest way possible.

Qiao Weilan's public relations team was professional as they were able to arrange the conference in a short amount of time.

As most of the journalists arrived, Spirit's spokesman, the Public Relations Director Xie Yichuan cleared his throat, "Thank you, everyone, for coming today. Spirit will be announcing our new design. This design was made as a result of the collaborated effort of our lead designer, ZX, and Elder Song. It will be the highlight piece of our brand!"

Everyone was shocked when they heard Xie Yichuan.

"Song...Song Jin?"

"The national painter, Song Jin? Are you kidding me!"

"Didn't Elder Song retire a long time ago? I went to his place for an interview before, and I was not able to meet him at all! Why would he work with a fashion company like Spirit? Unbelievable!"

"They are probably just bluffing!"

"How can they bluff about something like this?"

"Even History could give us fake news, so what else is impossible?"

"Everyone, please settle down, our brand's highlight piece is going to be presented soon, and today, we're honored to have Elder Song with us. He's going to introduce the masterpiece!"

The people who were suspicious earlier were now dumbfounded.

Song Jin was here today personally?!

Everyone held their breaths; they looked at the direction of the entrance.

Spirit had invited so many people here today. If they were to pull a similar fluke to History, they were going to be in deep trouble!

In the corner, Ning Xueluo's eyes behind her sunglasses were furious. "Song Jin? How is that possible?!"

All this while, History had been attacking Spirit for plagiarising their designs, and now Spirit was able to collaborate with Song Jin?


Song Jin was not available for hire with just money. History had tried to invite him before as well, but they did not even get to meet him in person.

"This is highly unlikely"

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