Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1184

History's Marketing Director, Qin Zifan said, "Boss, don't listen to their lies! How could it be Song Jin? It's probably one of Song Jin's students!"

"Song Jin has no students," Ning Xueluo replied.

"They might just say that Elder Song isn't coming today because he's not feeling well. They're just trying to make their words more believable, but the truth is that Elder Song retired long ago. He wouldn't know about Spirit. Even if he did, he won't collaborate with them based on his personality.

"Collaboration? They probably just bought a work of Elder Song's, then incorporated the elements into their new design... These are all gimmicks, I've seen too much of these!" Qin Zifan made his conclusion.

As everyone was curious and excited. Most people had the same thoughts as Qin Zifan.

Soon, two girls in Spirit's uniforms appeared at the entrance, carefully carrying a garment covered with thick cloth. They placed the garment at the center of the stage, then they stood beside it on both sides.

"Well, at least they are better than History. They actually have something to show," someone mumbled.

"Even if they have something new, it won't be able to surpass Black Religion. Spirit's not going to win! Borrowing Elder Song's name isn't going to help!"

Everyone around looked impressed the moment Black Religion was mentioned. "You're right"

Soon, a healthy, vibrant old man came in with the guidance of a young lady. The hall was dead silent as they saw Han Momo lead the old man in

Song Jin was the symbol of painting in the country and his picture was even printed in national textbooks. Everyone knew him, so of course, all the journalists recognized him.

"S-Song Jin!"

"Oh my God! It's really Elder Song!"

For a well-known master like Song Jin, everyone stood up out of respect.

Actually, Ning Xi had not expected for Song Jin to come personally.

Gong Shangze had communication issues and could not speak the moment he faced a camera, so usually, Han Momo would speak in his stead. That was the arrangement this time as well, but the conference was too important, so Gong Shangze was worried that Han Momo was unable to present his idea accurately.

As they were thinking of a solution, Elder Song suggested to comehimself. Ning Xi was really grateful. She actually hoped for Elder Song to appear because it would be difficult to convince people they were really collaborating if he did not.

"Elder Song, are you really collaborating with Spirit?"

"Master, why do you choose to work with Spirit and not other bigger brands? I heard the top China brand Lotus Step invited you before and you turned them down!"

"History seemed to have invited you before as well!"

The journalists were really excited, shooting one question after another about Song Jin

Song Jin cleared his throat and he reminded them curtly, "Today is Spirit's new product conference. I hope everyone can get their focus right."

After this, Song Jin removed the thick cloth on the garment.

As it was removed, Spirit's treasure was finally revealed

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