Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1186

"What do we do now then? Look at Spirit's new work! They've even invited Song Jin!" Ning Xueluo exclaimed in annoyance.

David did not look pleased as well when he saw the white gown oozing magic on stage and Song Jin doing the explanation.

No way, they were going to lose this round and his reputation would be gone. His company would fall!

David gritted his teeth and became determined again. "Boss! Don't worry! I'll just go look for him at the cemetery..."

"Then, go quickly!" Ning Xueluo lowered her voice to scold him.

On the stage, Xie Yichuan's voice was heard, "To all friends from the media, please don't rush to leave. For this press conference, we have a second highlight piece!"

David immediately stopped in his footsteps. Ning Xueluo and Qin Zifan, who were about to leave, swiveled to the stage at the same time. "What? There's still a second one?"

David turned pale, then he sneered, "Based on the first one, you can basically guess the second outfit's style. It's actually the same whether there's one or two. Besides, the rarer something is, the greater its value. Of course, there should only be one highlight piece, but Spirit created two. They are so dumb..."

Qin Zifan observed the stage. "How could they have designed two highlights of the same quality in such a short amount of time? Even if the designer had the inspiration, the cost of creating every piece is considerably high and Spirit's capital flow wouldn't have been able to handle it, would they?"

On the stage, Song Jin had left.

The presenter was changed to a member of the crew donning a black little dress.

Two crew members carefully carried out another dress that was covered in cloth, then the lady in the black dress walked to the center of the stage. Before she revealed the piece, she slowly explained, "First of all, we will need to explain to all the friends in the media that this design was not a work of our designer, ZX, but another designer that Spirit has especially invited. The clothing he designed for Spirit is just this one piece, and the style is completely opposite of Luoshen's. Our aim is to give our consumers different experiences and fulfill everyone's various needs..."

"Don't talk so much, quickly reveal it for us to see!"

"Exactly, you make it sound so mysterious!"

"Just show us and we'll evaluate it as it is!"


When she heard the introduction, there was a sly smile on Ning Xueluo's face. "A completely opposite style? Could Spirit have prepared to come up with a piece to go against our Black Religion?"

David naturally thought of this too. "That's just lunatic! Han Xiao's style cannot be imitated by just anyone!"

"Our piece is called Beings!"

When they heard the name being declared, David, Ning Xueluo, and Qin Zifan were all shocked to the core.

"What? Beings?!"

"Did Spirit steal our idea?"


"Voila!" They said as the crew members revealed the piece.

An incredibly luxurious and mysterious gown with strong elements of Eastern and traditional Chinese characters appeared before the crowd...

It was neither a theft of ideas, nor was it an imitation following the trend!

It was Beings!

This piece was unexpectedly Han Xiao's design, Beings!

The three of them were stupefied as they all looked on in disbelief. Their expressions changed like a multi-colored lantern with a carousel of paper horses...

The Beings that had disappeared, the one they had searched all over for had appeared at Spirit's press conference and it was announced as their highlight piece!

Their highlight piece had become Spirit's...?!

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