Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1193

Su Yan was stunned for a moment, then he reacted miserably.

Ning Xueluo was just about to whine to Su Yan when a group of reporters surrounded them, so she gathered her emotions and smiled to face the questions from the reporters.

"Xueluo, did you prepare anything special for the auction today?"

"It's nothing special, just a few personal accessories."

"Ooh, Xueluo's personal accessories. I'm sure it will have everyone bidding madly. We remember that last year, Xueluo, you just untied a ribbon from your wrist and that fetched a bid of a hundred thousand!" All of the reporters spoke highly of it.

"Well, everyone's just doing it for charity!"

"Xueluo, is there anything you want to bid for today then?"

"There is one thing, but everyone will know later!"

"It's been quite long since Mr. Su successfully proposed. I wonder when we'd be able to attend your wedding?"

Ning Xueluo looked shyly at Su Yan beside her and said, "Soon, we'll inform everyone then!"


After Ning Xi entered the hall, all the big shots and public figures were networking with small talk and chit-chat. In front of the stage, the host and auctioneer were preparing for the auction.

"Sis Xi, I'll deliver the items for auction!" Xiao Tao said.

Ning Xi nodded. "Okay."

Because of her clout, it was not suitable for her to bring an item that was too expensive, so Ning Xi chose to donate a jade bracelet worth $ 30,000.

Ning Xi fixed her skirt and then found a place to sit down. Moments later, Xiao Tao returned and passed her a numbered bidder's card. Every guest had one for the auction later, but there was nothing she particularly wanted, so she probably would not get to use it.

When all the guests had arrived, the hosts started the event passionately on stage. "To all the honorable guests present here today, welcome to our annual LA celebrity charity banquet. Our theme for this year is 'let charity be fashionable'."

After some simple opening remarks and speeches from celebrities and philanthropists, the banquet entered the auction segment of the night.

The first round was to bid for the items donated by the celebrities.

Some of the items donated by the celebrities included branded handbags they were spokespersons for, some clothing of sentimental significance, and some accessories. Basically, there were all sorts of things put up for sale.

Because they were items donated for charity, all of them did not have a starting price, but overall, the last bid would usually be higher than the original price, and the prices would be associated to the celebrity's status and reputation.

Because of her schedule, Glory World Entertainment's artiste, Su Yimo, was not present, thus all the attention fell on Ning Xueluo.

She was Starlight Entertainment's rising star and Ning family's daughter, while Su Yan was from Imperial's most powerful family in the upper-class circle, sonaturally, the two of them attracted everyone.

"The next item is Miss Ning Xueluo's own diamond bracelet. There's also no starting price. Everyone can begin to bid for it!"

The moment Ning Xueluo's item appeared, there were continuous bids.

"$ 100,000!"

"$ 120,000!"

"$ 180,000!"


"$ 500,000!" A beer-bellied tycoon had just straight up called, causing quite a commotion.

The original price of Ning Xueluo's bracelet was only $ 300,000 at the most, yet that tycoon had not started from the bottom. Instead, he just bid for a price several times more than the original.

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