Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1194

Despite so, the passionate bidding did not seem to slow down. In fact, it had started to increase bythe hundreds of thousands...

"$ 600,000!"

"$ 700,000!"

"$ 1 million!"

"$ 1.1 million!"

"$ 1.2 million!"


Even though Ning Xueluo and Su Yan were a well-known couple, Ning Xueluo still had many suitors and admirers. When they saw Ning Xueluo appear at the event with Su Yan, many men started to compete for the bidding out of jealousy and hatred. To add on, because of those who were supporting the Ning and the Su family's reputations, the bidding prices had unexpectedly broken into the millions and continued to go up, breaking Ning Xueluo's own record from the previous year...

Many of the female celebrities looked on enviously at the situation. "Pfft, it's nice to have a solid family background... People will support and protect them wherever they go, even getting a husband who's a public figure with a well-matched social status. Unlike us, despite all of the hard work and training we do, we are just toys in their eyes..."

"Well, who let them excel at reincarnation!? They were rich the moment they were born, unlike us..."


"$ 5 million!"

At this moment, bidder number 60 raised their card.

"60! Mr. Su raised his card! $ 5 million! Mr. Su called for $ 5 million! Is there anyone who would like to challenge this bid?! Anyone?" On the stage, the auctioneer was already excitedly shouting as he looked below the stage.

The person who had bid was Su Yan!

For $ 5 million!

He caused quite a commotion.

Her rightful owner had come out and called for such a high price at a go, so all those supporting earlier obviously stopped bidding. As for Ning Xueluo's admirers, they were all reputable people and it was enough; they would not want to look too obnoxious at such an occasion by being jealous, so they could only unwillingly keep their cards.

"Would anyone else like to bid higher? No? Calling once! Calling twice! Calling...three times!"

The auctioneer asked three times in a row. When he saw no one else was contesting, he slammed the mallet down. Bam! "Mr. Su is now the recipient of Ms. Ning Xueluo's diamond bracelet! Congrats, Mr. Su!"

All of the guests laughed and teased, "Hahaha... Master Su, general's fury for the lady herself!"

Ning Xueluo looked at the man beside her with adoration. "Bro Yan, why did you..."

Su Yan gently gazed at her and said, "I was already planning to bid for it. How could I let someone else have your personal item?"

Many people remembered that Ning Xueluo's personal accessories were also bid by Ning Yaohua last year, but this year it was Su Yan, so they could not help but lament to themselves about Ning Xueluo's good fortune...

On the stage, the auctioneer teased her for a bit,then gave his well wishes to the lovely young couple, Ning Xueluo and Su Yan. He continued, "Okay, our auction goes on! The next item up for auction is..."

The auctioneer paused, then said, "The next item for auction is a donation from Glory World Entertainment's Ms. Ning Xi - a jade bracelet!"

When she heard the auctioneer's voice on stage, Ning Xi's brows raised from the corner she sat in.

Was her item put right after Ning Xueluo's?

Beside her, Xiao Tao looked at Ning Xueluo's direction and looked resentful. "How could it be so coincidental that we're right after Ning Xueluo!? This is probably someone's intentional arrangement!"

Ning Xueluo had been in the limelight just now, so whoever was right behind her would just look bad.

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