Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1201

"What did you say?" Ning Xueluo's expression changed to a dubious one.

If it was not Chang Li's arrangement, could he really be Ning Xi's man? This was impossible! Otherwise, who was this random guy?

Somewhere nearby, when Su Xun saw Su Yan's item being snatched away, he felt refreshed. He glanced over and laughed, "Haha, he really thought Imperial is ruled by the Su family. However rich you are, there's someone richer.Imperial has the most number of discreet wealthy men around! Stop thinking that you're the richest person around!"

"You" Ning Xueluo stopped arguing with him. She then gave Su Yan an imploring look. "Bro Yan"

She had already expected to get the crownand even already released news that she would surely make it hers. Everyone also knew that Su Yan would give this crown to her during their wedding, yet it was now snatched away right before their eyes. How embarrassing!

Of course, she hoped that Su Yan would not give up and would snatch it back!

Su Yan did not want to back off as well, but after he saw Ning Xueluo's expression, he looked worse for wear. It was $ 100 million, nearly double his offer. He definitely could not continue because he could not gather that amount of money anyway.

Ning Xueluo understood as well. She leaned closer to Su Yan and whispered, "Maybe I can chip in a little as well?"

Su Yan frowned. "I would never take your money. Moreover, for the auction this time, they will sign the contract immediately after the deal is validated!"

What did that mean? It simply meant that paying $ 100 million was a simple task for the person, and fighting with him would just make Su Yan look worse!

Ning Xueluo clenched her fists hard until her fingernails broke through her skin. "Damn it"

Who was that? What was his purpose?

He had just ruined her plans

Today was her first step towards building momentum for Su Yan and her wedding, and this had to happen

On the stage, the auctioneer continued as no one replied, "Is no one going to offer higher? Okay, then...$ 100 million, once! $ 100 million, twice! $ 100 million, thrice!"

Thud! After the hammer slammed down, the deal was complete.

Su Yan was quiet the whole time. He had nothing to say about that price.

Another person who looked just as terrible as him was Sun Zhanpeng.

"Congratulations to Mr. Eight for getting this crown! Now, let's invite him to the stage to retrieve his item!" The auctioneer invited excitedly.

Everyone looked at the red carpet.

Who exactly was this number eight?

A person with such an absurdly wealthy background, yet he had raised the price dollar by dollar earlier. His suspicious behavior was so unpredictable that it really made people curious

In the corner, Xiao Tao shook Ning Xi's shoulder repeatedly out of excitement. "Oh my god! $ 100 million! $ 100 million! This was amazingly shocking! I don't know who this is, but it's refreshing! I'm happy as long as Ning Xueluo doesn't get it! I've mistaken the man just now! But still, he's really weird. Why did he raise dollar by dollar to buy your cheap bracelet?"

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