Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1207

As Annie stared at what Ning Xi just passed to her, she seemed like she had a lot to say, but she probably felt it was futile to say anything else, so she just replied shortly, "Alright! Bro Xi, I'll return thisfor you"



Inside a creepy villa in the outskirts, as promised, Annie went back and quietly opened a door to a certain room.

The Boss should still be out now

The house was quiet and there was no light. She carefully walked towards the cupboard and wanted to put the item inside

The moment she opened the cupboard, the candle on the wall lit up, and there was a voice beside her ear, "My little bait, what are you looking for?"

"Argh!" Annie looked back in shock and saw the man lying on the bed, her face turning pale right away. "Nope, nothing! I'm not looking for anything! I-I just"

"Your hand." The man used an extremely cold voice.

Annie could not do anything else, so to prove her innocence, she took out the diamond and the crown from the bag.

The man understood instantly the moment he saw those items, and the atmosphere turned chilly all of a sudden. "The other one."

Annie then put the things in her right hand onto the bed as well, the cute cookies clearly seen through the transparent plastic bag.

"Leave what's in your right hand, throw what's in your left."

He meant for her to leave the biscuits there, and throw the others away?

"B-but...the biscuits are for me" Annie looked reluctantly at her boss.

The man glared at her coldly, then Annie quickly left her biscuits and ran away.

How could he do this? Bro Xi made those cookies for me

At Peachwood, after Ning Xi asked Annie to return the items, she felt relieved. It had been a long day and she was hammered. She changed into her slippers after she entered the house, leaving her bag aside. She started undressing as she walked into her room

She took off her coat, then her stockings. She proceeded to take off her bra and jump onto her soft bed

But when she jumped on it, she was dumbfounded.

It did not feel quite right!

It was hard...and warm... What was this? It feels like muscles, full of power Did the blanket just gain some kind of human characteristic?

Ning Xi quickly rolled off the bed and clumsily turned on the light.

Suddenly, the room was bright as day.

She then sawthe devil lying on the bed, wearing a pair of silver-framed glasses. He was reading a book with his pajamas on andhis hair was still a little wet. He had probably just come out of the shower. However, his pajamas were all messy now because of her, his chest bare

This was the direct opposite of his usual cold look... How seductive

Ning Xi put her hand on her chest and tried to calm her thumping heart down. "Lu...Lu Tingxiao, why are you here?"

He made space for her and patted the bed. "Come over."

Ning Xi gulped as she quickly went over and looked at her man. "Baby, what's happening? Why are you suddenly here?"

Warming the bed and sleeping with her?

He raised his eyebrows. "You don't like it?"

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