Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1208

Ning Xi shook her head vigorously. "Of course, I do"

How could she not like it? It was just that her heart might not be able to take it.

He seemed satisfied with her reply. He kissed the girl's forehead gently, then her lips. His gentle kisses seemed like a tiny dip in the water, but it was packed with the torrent of a strong wave

Ning Xi put her hand on her sensitive collarbone while she realized that the man's emotions were inconsistent with how he usually behaved.

Hmm, could the devil have known about what had happened today?

She just told him that she was attending a charity dinner. Furthermore, Lu Tingxiao was too busy to know everything about her. Still, there was the busybody Lu Jingli beside him, so...the possibility of him knowing was very likely!

"Who do you like more?" The man asked.

Ning Xi's heart skipped a beat.

Of course, he would know! Lu Jingli, you busybody!

Damn it! She would get her payback later. What was important now was to comfort the wife

Ning Xi turned around and straddled him. "What do you mean more? There's no more to it. There's only you, I only like you"

The man's dangerous stare turned into a passionate gaze as his hands placed themselves firmlyaround her hips

"That busybody, what did he tell you again? I've already asked someone to return the gift back to the so-called fan. The bracelet doesn't really mean anything to me as well. Xiao Tao just bought it for me. I'm someone with a family and I will only accept things from my sweetheart!"

Ning Xi suddenly realized why he was there and laughed, "So, you're here to give me a present today? If I knew this would happen, I should've found a few more fans to make you more jealous!"

"Are you sure you can take it?" The man asked her suggestively.

Ning Xi's heart skipped a beat again. "I'm just saying"

"When's your movie screening?" The man asked her.

Ning Xi was a little dumbfounded.

In her mind, the question sounded like "When are you going to marry me?".

After a while, Ning Xi returned to her senses and she replied, "I just spoke to Director Chen on the phone yesterday. He said it'll be released next week! Let's go watch together, alright?"

She was really sad when she did not get to watch "The World" with the devil, but now that she had acted in this other movie with him, it was much more meaningful!

Lu Tingxiao nodded. "Mmm."

"Oh, the movie that was snatched away by Liang Biqin will be released tomorrow. The marketing these few days has been especially intense. Everyone is talking about how awesome the script is, how good the production is, the special effects, and how prestigious all the involved actors are... I'm going to have a look tomorrow. I want to see how good it is! But for me to contribute to her movie, it makes me feel frustrated!" Ning Xi mumbled.

Lu Tingxiao took his laptop and after some clicking around, a movie started playing. It was Liang Biqin's "I Only Like You".

Ning Xi was surprised. "Wow! Boss, you're awesome! You even got the original cut? And it looks super-HD"

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