Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1216

What was that feeling the audience experienced?

It was breathtaking and caused a throbbing that surpassed gender, age and all else...

The big screen tested actors the mostbecause any flaw would be magnified many times, yet the young man in the movie seemed to have been born for the silver screen. Everything was flawless.

Not only had Chen Hanchen been stunned. Even if the other person in the movie was himself... Even if he had done many bad takes for this scene back then, and that he knew this scene's every detail like the back of his hand...

Still, when he watched it as a member of the audience, he was still completely and thoroughly attracted by the young man on the silver screen.

"Aaaah...he's so handsome! Even more gorgeous than the poster! I told you I made the right choice!" The girl cried out in wonderment from the front.

Shortly after that, the girl muttered suspiciously, "But this guy in the black tuxedo is not bad, huh? Could he be the second male lead?"

Chen Hanchen snapped out of his stunned demeanor and thought to himself, "I am the male lead!"

The girl's boyfriend looked more attentive now too. "Even as a man that blew me away! That gaze...was just..."

The two schoolgirls in the middle of the cinema were even more excited than the girl.

"Ah, ah, ah! So handsome! Who would have thought that the entertainment industry had such a handsome rookie?!"

"Mmm, I seem to...smell some bromance!"

"Me too, me too! Oh, I'm so emotional!"


As it turns out, there were also fujoshis.

Even though there was not a large audience in this hall, everyone was quite diverse.

Next up, the five people in the audience had obviously focused their full attention on the movie. As the movie progressed and they found out that the one in the white tuxedo was actually a woman in a male outfit, the cinema was a flurry of emotional shrieks again.

"Ah, ah, ah! That's the female lead! That's actually the female lead, oh my God! How could there be such a handsome woman? Oh my God!"

"Not even giving us men a way out..."

"Where's my sketchbook?! Where is it?! Crap! I'm getting overflowing inspiration! I feel like I can conquer a hundred chapters of this movie's gay comics tonight!" The girl excitedly took out her sketchbook and pencil from her bag. It appeared that she was an artist.


In the next hour or so, since there were only a few people in the cinema, apart from the shrewd woman in front of Ning Xi who remained rather quiet, the couple and the two schoolgirls had never stopped shrieking from the start of the movie until the end. The four of them had even periodically turned around to apologize for their overenthusiasm, clearly embarrassed though they completely lost control at the end.

The two students especially had to hug each other and shriek practically every three minutes.

It was worth mentioning that there were two more people who came in halfway. It looked like they were late, so they looked regretful and muttered to themselves to watch the movie again tomorrow.

After the movie ended, that night, the female artist updated like mad on her QQ Space, friend circles, Weibo, and Twitter about watching "Dream Chaser". She had even attached her own bromance fan art.

[Tonight, I learned of a new and very interesting movie! The name is called "Dream Chaser". You guys must go watch it! A must-watch! A must-watch! Important things need to be repeated three times! You'll definitely come back to thank me after watching it!]

The girl was rather popular within her circle since she always drew bromance fan art of some popular movies or novels, so she had a huge group of loyal fans.

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