Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1218

"W-what!? How much?" The voice over the phone stammered in disbelief, "CEO Fang, did you make a mistake? Or were you meaning 'I Only Like You' by Director Zheng Kangde? Did you confuse the two movies?"

The woman's voice was calm. "There's no mistake. It's Chen Mian's "Dream Chaser"."

"But...that's impossible! 'I Only Like You' currently takes up half of our movie slots. How can we give 'Dream Chaser' 60%?"

"Reduce the slots for 'I Only Like You'. Do you still need me to teach you such a simple solution? I want to see the new allocation schedule tomorrow morning!" The woman ended her sentence strongly and ended the phone call as well.

On the way back home, Ning Xi sat shotgun. She looked at Lu Tingxiao and said, "Although there were very little people, their reactions are awesome! There are exciting moments every few minutes in the movie! It'll definitely be popular if it gets more attention! Only the lady in front of us was pretty calm. She didn't really react... Maybe, she doesn't like movies like this."

Lu Tingxiao replied her without glancing at her, "Whether she likes it or not, you'll know by checking the movie slots for 'Dream Chaser' at Oriental Cinema tomorrow."

Ning Xi was dumbfounded. "Huh? Oriental Cinema? What do you mean?"

"That lady is the CEO of Oriental Cinema, Fang Jiayue."

Ning Xi gasped in surprise, "Wow! The CEO of Oriental Cinema? Why didn't you tell me when we were inside!?"

"Well, I didn't see her face when we were inside."

"Ugh, okay" Ning Xi felt a little nervous when she found out who the mysterious woman was. "I wonder if she liked it! It'd be bad if she didn't! The screening allocation for our movie is already poor enough...I'm really nervous! Boss! Do you think she liked it?"

Lu Tingxiao replied almost instantly, "She will."

"How are you so sure?"

Lu Tingxiao stared at the girl in the eye. "If the CEO of Oriental Cinema was a man, there's a 70% chance he'll like it. But if it's a woman, 100%."

Ning Xi broke out in cold sweat. "Ugh, thanks for having confidence in my flirting abilities"

The next day was the fourth day for "I Only Like You" to be aired, and the second for "Dream Chaser".

"I Only Like You" became extremely popular on the Internet. Everyone would talk about it whenever the topic of movies was mentioned. They chatted about how it was the most invested movie of the year, and how well it was performing at the box office. Currently, it had reached $ 300 million at the box office, and it still contributed to the screening allocation at most cinemas.

Of course, everyone would love to allocate more slots tomovies that would help them earn money from ticket sales. The one cinema that did it differently was Oriental Cinema.

Inside the meeting room of the Oriental Cinema office, the management team was having a meeting. Everyone did not look too happy.

Fang Jiayue's order last night had caused a storm in their company.

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