Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1219

In Oriental Cinema's meeting room, the shareholders voiced out their doubts, "CEO Fang, everyone knows that the current top-earning movie is Zhang Kangde's movie. I don't know why you've considered making such a ridiculous decision. You're reducing the slots for Zheng Kangde's movie, and replacing it with the nameless 'Dream Chaser'? And up to 60 percent allocation at that! I hope you can give us an explanation!"

The others in the management team and the shareholders nodded in agreement.

"Even if you believe in Chen Mian's ability, giving him a 10 percent quota would be enough, but this is 60 percent we're talking about! This is absurd! Even the Hollywood blockbuster last year 'Life On The Line' got 60 percent! What makes this comedy-drama deserve the same as that?"

"CEO Fang, we acknowledge your professionalism, and we also admit that you've successfully predicted many unexpected winners and underdogs, but this time it's too much! The data today proves that it's a big mistake. 'Dream Chaser' has less than 10 percent of seats sold. We've lost a lot just today!"

"This is the same as sending the audience to our rival cinemas. We request that the screening allocation be rearranged immediately to avoid any more losses!"

Fang Jiayue's behavior, which did not go along with the flow, wasnot only despised in the industry. Even people within the company did not like it as they felt like she restricted the company's growth.

A cinema was set up to earn money, what use was there with just a good name?

Even if she successfully discovered ten high-quality unpopular movies, it could not compete with the revenue brought in by a well-known commercialized movie. This made Oriental Cinema's ranking fall within the industry average and they could never make it to the top.

Vice President Zhang Yong was secretly glad that everyone was attacking Fang Jiayue. He faked a worried expression. "I was really surprised when I received CEO Fang's call yesterday. I tried to convince her, but CEO Fang insisted on it, so I trusted her decision but I didn't expect the numbers today. Sigh"

"CEO Fang, what's your take on this? You have to give us an explanation!"

Some people were impatient as Fang Jiayue still remained silent.

Fang Jiayue carefully looked at everyone. "I've heard everyone's questions and doubts."

As everyone sighed in relief, Fang Jiayue continued, "But I will not change my decision."


"You're not changing it even though the loss is this great?!"

"What is the woman thinking?! Does she even take us, the shareholders, seriously? She thinks that the company is her own?"

Facing everyone's criticisms, Fang Jiayue spokeonce again, "In ten days, if my decision is really a bad one, I'll resign from my position as the CEO."

Everyone fell silent. Vice President Zhang Yong was especially happy when he heard that.

If Fang Jiayue was gone, he could potentially be the CEO then!

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