Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1220

He already had enough working under her; not only did she not take bribes herself, she also forbade all her co-workers from accepting them, which made him look at loads and loads of cash fly past him, eluding his grasp...

Unfortunately, Fang Jiayue upheld a really reliable name in the industry. Although the company could not be the best, it was still always within the top ten, and he could not do anything against her.

He did not expect Fang Jiayue to say something this stupid. What a joke! Ten days?!

That unpopular film was the kind of movie used to fill the slots for, at most, three days. He was really looking forward to seeing all the empty cinemas. However, he had to thank this movie. It somewhat made Fang Jiayue go crazy, and finally, he now had a chance!

After Fang Jiayue said that, all the shareholders left the meeting room.

Had it been a few years ago, she would have patiently discussedthe movie details with them and tell them why she thought it was a good movie, but now she did not bother to make the effort anymore. These people did not know about movies at all, so it would just be a waste of time.

In fact, most of the people in the industry did not know about movies at all, and it was precisely these people who were manipulating the market, playing with the audience's taste, and causing the divide between local production and foreign movies to grow further apart.

At the same time, Zheng Kangde was chatting with the producer, Wu Kai.

"Old Wu, how is it?"

"Because of the great response from the first three days, we're still having pretty good slots in most cinemas! We're leading ahead of the other movies! But"

"But what?" Zheng Kangde asked.

"There's one exception"

"Oh? Which one?" Zheng Kangde was curious.

Wu Kai replied, "Oriental Cinema...when I was gathering the data, I noticed that Oriental Cinema reduced our slots to five percent and raised "Dream Chaser" to 60 percent!"

"What? How much?" Zheng Kangde was surprised.

"60 percent!"

Zheng Kangde's expression darkened. "This Fang Jiayue... Is she crazy? Is she taking her revenge on me? Interesting!"

Wu Kai shook his head, "With Fang Jiayue's personality, I don't think that's the case. While this might be very odd to others, it's actually pretty normal for Fang Jiayue. She always does things this way, giving extremely high screening allocations for unpopular movies. The only thing she did differently this time was that she gave even more.

"The movies that she supports have very high chances of being popular. If not, they wouldn't have earned the title 'China's First Row'."

"Hehe, she's throwing her business away this time!" Zheng Kangde laughed coldly.

Wu Kai replied with a sarcastic tone, "Of course, I checked Oriental Cinema's numbers today. Although they gave 'Dream Chaser' such a high allocation, the attendance is terrible. Almost no one watched it! To be honest, I really don't get her. No matter how popular these unknown movies can become, it can never be as popular as the commercialized ones. Her giving them slots are just a waste of resources"

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