Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1221

Zheng Kangde looked quite pleased. "She's making such a big show out of it this time. I'm sure the shareholders of Oriental Cinema aren't going to keep quiet about this. I don't think she'll be staying in her CEO seat for long."

Just as Zheng Kangde and Wu Kai were confidently predicting that Fang Jiayue would get the sack, online, a strong force had been quietly growing and spreading...

In the blink of an eye...

It was already "Dream Chaser"'s third day in theatres.

The ticket sales at Oriental Cinema remained low, yet it was not as bad as Zhang Yong had predicted. In fact, it had increased significantly.

At night, when all the masses had finished work for the day and returned home to casually scroll Weibo, they suddenly noticed a movie title that was new to everyone making its rounds on Weibo's hot topic leaderboard, Dream Chaser!

The leading Weibo post was posted by an artist. This Weibo artist had passionately recommended a movie called "Dream Chaser", and even attached a personal gay fan art, depicting a classic slapstick comedy scene from the movie.

The artist had 30,000 fans on her Weibo account. While it was actually not considered a massive number, because there was just too much love for the comic fan art, it had snowballed to gain huge traction especially after a few very famous people had shared it as well, indicating that they had watched the movie and strongly recommended it. Even they drew their own fan art too!

The top ten posts on Weibo included three gay fan artof "Dream Chaser"by well-known artists.

Talk about "Dream Chaser" had started spreading within the artist circle. Of course, it even spread to all the other circles...

At 10 p.m, "Dream Chaser"'s trailer on their official Weibo, which had been unfrequented, suddenly made it to the number one hot topic by passionate netizens who indicated that they wanted to watch the movie in cinemas the next day.

[Oh, oh, oh! Oh my God! Why did I just find out about this movie?! Just watching the trailer is making me feel the passion!]

[I've been bent [1] into a mosquito repellent coil. Can someone light me up so that I can ascend to heaven?!]

[Want to know how it feels like to be bent by handsomeness? Go watch "Dream Chaser" to find out!]

[Hehe, I've already gone to the cinema to watch it thrice. The female lead is just too breathtaking! I've already been bent into a paperclip! I strongly recommend for all of you to watch it! I can't believe this movie was unknown. How outrageous!]

[Well,of course, this movie is played out by a cast of rookies and they have such low-key marketing, so obviously, not many people noticed it, unlike a certain movie that's in theatres now too. They keep hyping things up, paying to appear in trending topics, and even privately paying for their own box office! Pushing away all of the good movies!]

[To those who've been giving high praises to Liang Biqin's idiotic movie, go and watch "Dream Chaser" please. You will hear the sound of "pow, pow, pow"! That's the sound of slapsin your face!]


Just like that, with an overwhelming force, "Dream Chaser" abruptly fell from the sky and exploded into every corner of social networking sites.

Initially, the netizens who did not know about this movie at all thought it looked okay after watching the trailer. There were also some of them who thought it was a melodramatic comedy, and that the reviews were exaggerating. However, no matter what, due to the superb reviews online, the crowd's curiosity had been hooked, and most of them had expressed that they would definitely watch it the next day to understand once and for all.

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