Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1223

After chatting a while with the two employees, Zhou Zhihe walked into the cinema hall which was showing "Dream Chaser" for a peep.

One glimpse and she could see that there was more audience in the night screening than in the morning one. For a hall that could fit about a hundred people, almost 70 to 80% of it was sold out.

Based on his many years of experience, he could roughly judge that this movie had huge potential to become a big hit.

Unfortunately, it just had to clash with Zheng Kangde's movie...

After leaving the cinema hall, Zhou Zhihe thought for a long while and decided to make a call to another cinema manager to try to find out something.

"Hello, CEO Zhang!"

"CEO Zhou, could you be calling me this late at night about 'Dream Chaser' as well?" The other end of the phone teased.

"As well? It looks like the others have called you too!" Zhou Zhihe raised his brows.

"Exactly, I've just gotten off the phone with CEO Zhao and CEO Liang!"

"Well...what did you say then? Are we going to increase the screenings of this movie or not?" Zhou Zhihe asked the key question.

"CEO Zhou, Chen Mian's movie's quality is not bad. If huge companies had invested in it and if they had big casts like they did in the past, we would definitely push it forward vigorously...but with this movie...well, you know...there are so many such movies that go viral online nowadays, and the netizens' enthusiasm fades as quickly as it happens, so how long can it last if it just went viral in one night? Besides, we have a collusion with Zheng Kangde. If it was some other movie that was increasingly popular, we wouldn't mind increasing the showtimes but, Chen Mian, he's Zheng Kangde's rival..."

"Alright CEO Zhang, I understand." Zhou Zhihe hung up.

To offend Zheng Kangde and all of his supporters for "Dream Chaser", which had an uncertain future, was just not worth it.

It was easy to determine whether or not to change its screening frequency; they just had to follow Peoples' Cinema. If the industry leader did not make a move, they would not either.

So far, it looked like Peoples' Cinema was completely on Zheng Kangde's side, and they would probably not change anything.


The next day, "Dream Chaser" was getting more and more attention online. The movie networks rated it an 8.6and there were almost 100% good reviews. Everyone who had watched the movie had given it high praises.

All of the commentary on movie review sites and social network sites were rapidly progressing...

[Because there were too many people recommending it online, I risked not waking up for work and went to watch "Dream Chaser" in the middle of the night with my BFF. In the end, it was actually really, really, really awesome! Forget about the 10 p.m. showtime! Even if it was in the wee hours of the day, it's definitely so, so worth it! I've already planned to watch it the second time with my BFF!]

[My dear, from today onwards, I have a new Prince Charming (image) #Dream Chaser#]

"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! I've been charmed by a woman to the point of melancholy and suffering! Wait for me, my husband, I will continue to see you in the cinemas tomorrow!]

[Actually, the male lead is very handsome too! But he's not as handsome as the female lead! In fact, their interactions are super duper cute! Even though I'm old, my maiden heart is beating like a runaway train. I haven't been this excited in a long time!]

[Why is no one talking about the second male lead, Ling Yu??? Even though Ling Yu looks pretty average, he's especially classy and charismatic!]

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