Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1224

[The scene where he kissed the female lead made my heart jump! I watched the movie a second time for Ling Yu!]

[Oh! I'm shipping the female lead and Ling Yu as well! Ling Yu's presence is really strong! He really dotes on her. Every time the female lead faced any issues, he was always by her side. He also helped to cover up her real identity! It's really a shame that the female lead didn't pick him in the end!]

[Not only the lead characters, even the secondary female lead in the movie, Ning Xiaomeng, and the male lead's best friend, Jiang Xiaohai, are really likable characters as well! The interaction between Ning Xiaomeng and the female lead is pretty interesting! Jiang Xiaohai is the joker of the whole movie! I didn't really have much expectations when I watched it, but I didn't expect it to be so good! To be honest, it's been a really long time since I last saw a movie with such a well-written plot, in addition to the superb actors! This movie is the bomb! I recommend everyone to watch it! No disappointments!]

[All the actors in the movie are really great, but it's obvious that the core character is the female lead, afterwards I found out that she also acted Meng Changge in "The World", I already followed her after I saw her acting in "The World", she's definitely not the surface-only actress as rumours said, she's the real deal!]

[Another important thing to note is that no one realized that the director of this movie is Chen Mian! THE Chen Mian who made "The Stars, The Moon, and The Sun". Also the same Chen Mian who made "Love Is In The Future"! He's been making some horrible films in recent years. I've been disappointed, but this time, I'm really excited! The king has returned!]

[I'd really love to watch it after all of your comments, but sadly, the showtimes are either early in the morning, or very late at night! I can't watch it unless it's my off day!]

[Actually, you can try suggesting to the cinemas through their suggestion box or make a complaint through the phone. I'm pretty sure they will increase the screenings if many people make requests together!]

While the online discussion boards were full of topics revolving around "Dream Chaser", inside a high-class hotel in the Imperial, Zheng Kangde and Wu Kai had called the lead actors from their movie. They had also invited the managers from each of the big cinemas. Their purpose was obviously to make sure that they would not be swayed by the comments online.

After a few drinks, in addition to Zheng Kangde'sstrong hint, the managers who were led by People's Cinema's CEO Cui Zhihao all made a promise not to let anything affect Zheng Kangde's film, and the showtimes for "Dream Chaser" would not change as well.

They paid them a large sum, after all, so they had to follow the rules.

"Rest assured, Director Zheng, I know where this is headed. Online comments aren't always real. The heat will go down after a few days!"

"That's right, Chen Mian is just making his final struggle!"

Three days later, not only did the audience numbers for "Dream Chaser" not decrease, it became more and more popular. Despite taking up less than 10% screening frequency in most cinemas, they were doing better. On Saturday, it reached $ 100 million at the box office in a day!

To reach such a box office record with incredibly low showtime allocation meant that the attendance for each screening was very high.

In all of the cinemas, despite the odd showtimes, every screening was a full house.

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