Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1225

At the same time, customer's suggestions and complaints flooded many big cinemas. Every day, countless customers requested more showtimes for "Dream Chaser".

"Manager, what should we do? There were more than 100 calls today alone asking for more showtime allocations for 'Dream Chaser'!"

Similar conversations occurred in the offices of many cinemas.

Nevertheless, with the pressure from Zheng Kangde, all the managers stood together and ignored their customers' requests. They still tried to force the customers to watch "I Only Like You" by limiting their choices.

The consequences.

On the fourth day, on a weekend, netizens' love for "Dream Chaser" and their dissatisfaction towards the cinemas reached its peak.

As the popularity of "Dream Chaser" rose, Zheng Kangde's movie was criticized harshly.

[Give me back my money, Liang Biqin! I didn't really feel this way before watching "Dream Chaser", but after that, I realized that a movie that's produced in mere ten days isn't a movie at all! It's just a tool for making money!]

[Liang Biqin's movie is terrible. It's not funny at all! After watching "Dream Chaser", I felt like my soul has been cleansed!]

["I Only Like You" already told me that it's a comedy from its promotional video, but the real thing is worse than the promotional video!]

[Trash movie!]

[Have you grown tired of living? Why watch Liang Biqin's movie?]

[What the heck? Why is the showtime allocation for "Dream Chaser" still so low? I wanted to book tickets for "Dream Chaser", but the list is full of that stupid movie of Liang Biqin's!]

[So many people are recommending it! With "Dream Chaser" being so popular now, why is therestill so little showtimes? Are the people-in-charge for the cinemas blind?]

[It's not that hard to guess! Of course, there's some under-table deal going on! All those managers must've taken some money!]

[It's because of these people! They are the one who made China's movie industry become such trash!]

[Damn it! Not only do they like trash themselves, they are even forcing us to watch trash as well! This is the sorry state of the current movie industry!]

[Rise up! People who don't want to watch any more trash! Let's complain! Don't watch that stupid movie again!]

[You're right! Boycott stupid movies! Get that stupid movie out of the industry!]

Zheng Kangde did everything he could to shift the premiere date of his movie to be near to that of "Dream Chaser". However, he did not expect that not only did he not make "Dream Chaser" go down, but due to the comparison, his movie was criticized badly instead.

Ironically, after Zheng Kangde had spent so much money on marketing "I Only Like You", it helped "Dream Chaser" much more. Anywhere "I Only Like You" was mentioned, people would surely compare it with "Dream Chaser" and the popularity of the latter rose higher as it got a lift in marketing from "I Only Like You"...

On the weekends, most of the cinemas showing "I Only Like You" at peak times were empty. Only a few people were inside the large cinema halls.

When it came to odd timings like early in the morning and late at night, the cinemas were revived. Any hall that was showing "Dream Chaser" was fully occupied with no empty seats to the extent that tickets were hard to get.

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