Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1226

In the cinema, Zhou Zhihe looked at the full cinema hall, and the louder the laughter from the audience from time to time during the funny scenes, the darker his expression became.

The Vice President of the cinema looked afflicted. "CEO Zhou, are we really not allocating more showtimes to 'Dream Chaser'? We're getting more and more complaints. The online attacks and suspicions are getting fiercer as well! Most importantly, Zheng Kangde's movie has been declining in numbers. It's a weekend today and we should have the biggest audiences, yet only 6% of the seats were filled! We gave Zheng Kangde half of the slots, so we're at a great loss right now"

"How's the situation with the other cinemas?" Zhou Zhihe asked.

"It's almost the same, but there's one exception"

"Oriental Cinema?"

"Yes." The Vice President nodded.

Zhou Zhihe put up a bitter smile. "I heard on the second day after 'Dream Chaser' was released, Fang Jiayue raised its showtime allocations to 60%. Such decisiveness is expected from 'China's First Row'..."

The Vice President looked envious. "Oriental Cinema must be earning loads! The people can't see the movie anywhere else, and her cinema has so many slots! Actually, I went to one of their cinemas and took a look... Gee, the amount of people!"

The Vice President did not finish his sentence, but Zhou Zhihe could already imagine what he had seen.

For a cinema, their loss was not just confined to ticket sales. Large numbers of audiences would spend more on snacks and beverages as well as merchandise. Adding them together made it a huge loss.

At the same time, at one of the Oriental Cinema outlets in Imperial, there was an extremely long queue at the counter.

Because Oriental Cinema gave "Dream Chaser" the most showtime allocations, they even opened all six halls for the late night slots. One of the cinemas could even fit 300 people.

Even with this generous slot allocation, many people still could not get the tickets they wanted because many people were bidding for tickets online

Most of the people were there to watch "Dream Chaser", and a lot of them were watching it for the second or third time, some even the fourth. All of them had similar topics to talk about and everyone chatted happily

"Finally, I got my tickets! I'm so excited! I didn't expect Oriental Cinema to have this many slots!"

"Now you know! Oriental Cinema always have this many slots! I've recommended many people to come here!"

"I only came here after seeing the comments online. It's just too far away from my house, but it's worth it! I'd rather drive two hours here and look at my dear Bro Xi than watch that fake face of Liang Biqin's!"

"I really like Bro Xi as well. Oh, did Bro Xi add you on Weibo yet?"

"Yes! Sadly, Bro Xi didn't have any pictures of her in a male outfit and she hasn't updated her status recently! How sad!"

"If we break a high record at the box office, let's request Bro Xi to post a picture of her in a male outfit!"

With the rising popularity of "Dream Chaser", all the main cast in the movie became famous as well, especially the female lead Ning Xi. Her Weibo was completely flooded. The comments section and her private messages inbox were all full of confessions and countless requests of Ning Xi's picture in a male outfit.

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