Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1227

At Peachwood, Ning Xi was looking through the comments on her Weibo.

Within the few days that "Dream Chaser" had been showing in theatres, the number of Ning Xi's Weibo fans had broken through 20 million and it was insanely increasing.

The fans had begun to intimately address Ning Xi as "Bro Xi". Of course, even more people were calling her "Husband" and "Prince Charming".

[If Bro Xi posts a photo in a male outfit, I will swallow five boxes of shampoo, copy the complete works of the news broadcast, break open a durian with my bare hands, crush a huge rock with my chest, knock my head against bricks, bungee jump without a rope, and catch a naked sword with my hands, eat tangerines with the skin on, copy the entire Chinese dictionary, proverb dictionary, Chinese-English dictionary,the Book of Dao, the Three Character Classic, the Classic of Mountain and Sea, the three hundred Tang dynasty poems, the five hundred Song dynasty poems! That's how confident I am!]

[Ning Xi, you've been suspected of theft! Many maidens have been saying that you have stolen their hearts, but now they are punishing you and telling you, 'Be responsible for flirting! Or else, we will chase you to the ends of the Earth!']

[Husband, if you were a little ugly, I might still want to shop, watch movies, have Western food, take a walk and admire the night sky, while talking about poetry and life philosophy with you, but you're so handsome that it makes me only want to sleep with you!]

[How's a life of being unable to sleep with Bro Xi different from being a piece of salted fish?]


Probably because Ning Xi had made such a memorable impression of the movie's character into everyone's hearts, apart from the many confessions, many people were even questioning Ning Xi's sexuality and wondering if she liked girls...

As she went through all of the overwhelming comments about wanting to sleep with her and just thinking about the fact that they were all girls, Ning Xi felt quite pleased about it.

Lu Tingxiao obviously saw the comments too. With a poker face, he said, "Why are all the girls nowadays so...unreserved?"

When she saw Lu Tingxiao's serious expression, Ning Xi laughed. "This is just a way for everyone to express that they like me! For example, I'm like them with you..."

Ning Xi closed in to his ear and whispered, "Better to sleep with you than ten miles of spring,better to sleep with you than enchanting you, better to sleep with you than to be loyal to you, better to sleep with you than have thousands of miles of mountains and rivers, better to sleep with you than..."

The man squinted as he rolled over and pushed her down. "You have to be responsible for flirting with me."

Hey! The devil had actually picked up the fans' words!

Truly applying what he studied...

Ning Xi quickly replied, "Of course, as much as I flirt, I'll only be responsible for you, okay!? Besides...I like men, are you still not sure about this?"

The moment he said that, the man kissed her hard until her petal-like lips swelled up slightly before he was satisfied.

He thought he could be indifferent to all of this, but the truth was that no matter how many times he experienced it, even if they were just girls, as long as he saw them overbearingly covet his wife, he still could not bear it.

Still, this girl was increasingly understanding of him. She had a way of resolving his worries every time.

The thing he hated and abstained from the most was having his emotions be controlled by others. However, before her, he endured this punishment gladly, even enjoying the feeling of her controlling him.

Ning Xi suddenly thought of something and got up immediately. "Mmm, oh yes, Lu Tingxiao, wait for me. I'm going to change. Help me take a picture! Director Chen said that our box office is about to surpass $ 5 million. They need the leads to give the fans some rewards! I thought about it... There were most requests for me wearing a male outfit. They will definitely love it!"

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