Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1228

Practice makes perfect. Ning Xi changed very quickly. Half an hour later, she had changed from her homely little bunny outfit into a handsome and reckless looking Prince Charming.

Ning Xi had chosen a biker outfit, complete with a head of short, messy hair and a studded leather jacket.

There was a scene in the movie where the female lead was riding on a motorbike and was flirting with girls. By then, the male lead had already distinctly felt his strange feelings towards her then. When he saw his good buddy flirting with other girls, he could not help but feel jealous, and because of all sorts of emotional struggles, he thought he had liked men...

This was also one of the classic scenes that the fans loved to discuss most.

For this scene, Ning Xi had even brought our her baby, Blackie, which she had spent a lot of her own money on to assemble and maintain.

"My dear, do I look okay?" Ning Xi ruffled her bangs slightly and asked Lu Tingxiao who was on the sofa.

Lu Tingxiao skimmed his eyes over her and replied, "Yes, do you have a camera?"

Ning Xi shook her head. "You don't need to go through all the trouble. Just use the phone to take it. It doesn't need to be deliberate. I want that sense that even though it's posed for, it feels candid! Later, I'll act out some situations and you just take the pictures!"

Lu Tingxiao nodded to indicate he understood, then he took out his phone and prepared to shoot.

Ning Xi walked out of the door and held a cool, black helmet in her hand as she pushed the door to walk back in.

Then, she put the helmet down and took out a bottle of mineral water from the fridge. After she sat down on the sofa, she seemed to noticethat someone was taking pictures of her. In between swigs, the youth suddenly raised his brows at the camera's direction, the smirk on his face boasting of confidence...

Click! This scene was captured in both the phone and in the man's eyes.

Ning Xi was going to continue when she saw the man suddenly walk towards her with the phone. She thought that Lu Tingxiao was going to do a close-up shot, yet he kept coming closer...

Uhh? Isn't this a little too...too close?

The next second, the man's arm held her waist as he leaned over and his thin lips covered hers off-guard. As her mouth was pried open, a reckless invasion followed quickly and the man's kiss became increasingly passionate...

Ning Xi looked dumbfounded as she blinked her eyes, then she panted as she pushed the man away. "Hey, photographer, you're not being very professional, are you?"

The man's gazedarkened as his low voice rang in her ear, "You just seduced me."

Ning Xi was quite stupefied by this. She raised her brows. "Hey! When did I seduce you?"

The man's reply was an even more passionate kiss as if she had seduced him again a second before he complained...

Even though this photographer was unprofessional and too easily distracted, they continued another two hours of taking pictures on and off in between hungry kisses. Thankfully, the photographer managed to retain some semblance of professionalism.

Earlier, Ning Xi saw that he had just simply clicked on the phone to snap pictures, yet she realized that every shot he took made her look very handsome!

She was about to bend from her own handsomeness.

The devil was so reliable! To seduce him into helping her take pictures was the right choice!

Ning Xi was very satisfied as she saved the pictures to be used when needed.

"Your photography skill is amazing! I feel so lucky to have a boyfriend that can take such amazing shots!" Ning Xi gave the devil a sloppy kiss, then her eyes suddenlylit up as she thought of something. "Oh, Lu Tingxiao, the character that you acted as, Ling Yu, is quite popular too. Many fans flooded my Weibo to ask about you. Do you want to consider starting an account or something?"

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