Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1229

"I don't want to," Lu Tingxiao simply said.

"Ah? Why?" Ning Xi did not understand.

Lu Tingxiao looked at the girl and shrugged. "I'm only trying to please you."

Ning Xi was first stunned speechless, then she wailed dramatically to indicate that an arrow had just pierced her heart.

Bloody hell! To say that he's just trying to please me is too much...

Fine, she had already subconsciously started to plan Lu Tingxiao's career earlier, but she had forgotten that her big boss did not shoot a movie to act in.

If they said that the entertainment industry was a game, Ning Xi was a player who worked hard to fight monsters and level up, while Lu Tingxiao was practically the Game Manager, continuing his unnaturally defiant existence...


The next day, numbers for the box office was released. "Dream Chaser" had steadily surpassed $ 500 million.

"I Only Like You" had such a huge production and marketing budget and had even been released two days before "Dream Chaser", yet their box office sales was only slightly over $ 500 million.

Before this, after "I Only Like You" surpassed $ 300 million, their growth slowed down, and that was with Zheng Kangde spending money to buy up the box office behind the scenes. In the meantime, "Dream Chaser" ticket sales continued to increase against the current and went on to rapidly grow further.

These past few days, apart from Oriental Cinema's outlets, "Dream Chaser" showtime allocations remained low on the surface. However, in reality, many cinemas had started to secretly increase the showtimes after seeing its popularity. Their subtle methods included changing from a small hall to a big one and changing the screenings to prime times. That way, the showtime frequencies were not affected, but in reality, the number of people watching the movie had increased significantly.

Initially, because of Zheng Kangde, they could only use this way to secretly increase the number of viewers they could accommodate. Once they had a whiff of the sweet taste of success the moment "Dream Chaser" had surpassed $ 500 million in the box office, and especially when they heard the news that Oriental Cinema's turnover rate had gone from number eight to number one...

Finally, all of the cinemas could not sit still any longer!

People's Cinema that had previously ranked first particularly regretted it horribly.

Bloody hell! Just because of Zheng Kangde, they had to endure all the horrid insults from the netizens and even suffered a great loss, letting even Oriental Cinema topple them. They had really lost big time!

This time, no matter how much money Zheng Kangde wanted to stuff them with, Cui Zhihao would not listen to him anymore.

"Director Zheng, you can see the current situation yourself. I can barely hold onto my CEO seat just for you. No matter what, I've already been extremely kind! Go look at the comments online yourself! I'm just saying if your movie's quality was even only slightly better, it wouldn't get to this stage..."

It was fine if he ruined things for himself, but their cinema's reputation had been implicated as well, so how could Cui Zhihao not be angry?

Zheng Kangde knew that he could not save the situation either, so he could only leave unhappily.

For the past few days, he had spent all his energy holding down the cinemas by paying a lot of people to try and change the commentaries online. However, the more he wanted to reverse the situation, the more the netizens fought back harshly to the point that even if one person wanted to say something nice about "I Only Like You", they would be bombarded by everyone else.

Even the mainstream media had gradually chimed in offline! All of the lead stories had similar headlines.

"The Return of the King", "Director Chen Mian Creates Magic Again, Might Break The Box Office Record for Homegrown Production", "Country's Young Woman Changes Into Prince Charming: Ning Xi, An Actress That Embodies Idol Material and Strength", "Bringing You Behind The Scenes of 'Dream Chaser': Producing Movies Steadfast", "The Crew of 'I Only Like You' Paid For Astroturfers, Inciting Fury From Netizens"...

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