Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1230

The harsher the oppression, the stronger the rebound. The people were already extremely angry about the current local movie industry. Zheng Kangde now felt the full counter of rage from everyone.

On that day, People's Cinema raised the showtime frequency for "Dream Chaser" to 50%. Soon after, all the other cinemas also followed suit. Some of them even allocated staggering numbers of up to 70% to recover back their losses

Inside Oriental Cinema's meeting room, compared to the stiff and arrogant environment afew days ago, all the stakeholders and management staff pasted big smiles on their faces.

On the big screen, numbers showed that Oriental Cinema had risen up to the top spot. Everyone praised Fang Jiayue.

"As expected of CEO Fang! Amateurs like us just can't make it!"

"That's great. Just because we increased showtimes frequency for 'Dream Chaser' on the second day, everyone is commending us! The loss on the first two days is just a small matter!"

"All thanks to CEO Fang's decisiveness, we were able to reach the top this time!"

"I heard that all the other cinemas are increasing the showtimes frequency as well, haha. It has already been a week! That's kinda late for that"

"CEO Fang looked far into the future. I can't believe that I doubted her decision before. I still have a lot to learn from CEO Fang!" Vice President Fang Yong, who had thought he might be able to replace Fang Jiayue this time, put on a bitter fake smile.

He did not expect a small production movie to become such a big hit. He also did not expect that after ten years, Chen Mian would create another legend.

Over on Ning Xi's side, she received a call from Chen Mian early in the morning. "Xiao Xi, we've reached $ 500 million at the box office, but don't post your picture first. I'll get Chen Hanchan to post his reward photo for $ 500 million. We'll keep yours for last! Post it when we reach a billion!"

"A billion?" Ning Xi was taken aback.

"Why? Are you not confident?" Chen Mian teased her.

Ning Xi laughed, "We're going to make it if you say so!"

At Lu Corporation, in the staff pantry, a few girls were complaining.

"Did you guys get tickets to watch 'Dream Chaser'?"

"No, the cinema near us added a lot of showtimes, but the tickets were all gone in just two hours! Crazy!"

"I got myself a pair. I have two friends who wanted to watch as well, but they couldn't get any!"

As they were chatting, two people entered the pantry.

"Bro Xiong! Bro Xiao!" The staff greeted warmly when they saw the CEO's personal bodyguards. Shi Xiao and Xiong Zhi whipped out a stack of movie tickets. They were all tickets to watch "Dream Chaser".

"This" The group of employees was confused.

"Go and distribute it to everyone! It's free!" Shi Xiao generously said.

"Let us know if it's not enough!" Zhi Xiong added.

The girls looked at each other, then grabbed the tickets swiftly. After the duo left, they discussed among themselves.

"What's happening?"

"I don't know, could they be Bro Xi's fans?"

"Uhh...you think they like Bro Xi in a female outfit or a male outfit...haha"

"Of course, in a female outfit! But...it's possible that they might like the other one as well, hehe"

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