Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1235

In the driver's seat, Lu Tingxiao looked helplessly at his obedient and sweet-talking son through the rearview mirror...

If they had not done the paternity test quite a few times back then, he would still have doubted whether this little guy was his biological son.

Instead, this little guy was closer to Ning Xi than if she were his biological mother.

Lu Tingxiao stared at the mother and son duo in a daze. Not only were the two harmonious in interaction, it almost seemed as if some of their smaller actions and mannerisms were somewhat similar, especially when they smiled. That little quirk on the tip of their brows was just too alike...

If Little Treasure was really Ning Xi's biological son...

Just as he thought about this, Lu Tingxiao sighed and shook his head to brush off this wild thought...

After they reached the villa at Peachwood, Ning Xi told Little Treasure about asking him to help her take some pictures. The little bun instantly agreed and indicated that he was very happy to be able to help Mommy.

As Ning Xi was thinking about her look for the shoot, Ling Zhizhi called.

"Director Chen is asking you to post a picture in a female outfit for the latest reward. Have you chosen your outfit?" Ling Zhizhi asked.

"Mmm, nope, I'm still fretting about it... Is there a sponsor?" Ning Xi asked.

"Yes, in fact, there're many, but I suggest that you wear your own brand," suggested Ling Zhizhi.

"Sis Zhizhi, you mean Spirit? Right! Why didn't I think of it!?" Ning Xi exclaimed.

The past few days had been a roller coaster, so she was a little muddled in the head. It had completely slipped her mind about wearing Spirit's outfit for her pictures.

She had told Ling Zhizhi the moment she founded Spirit, hence her manager had always known about her business and was very supportive.

It was her brand and it fit her charisma very well, so it was very suitable.

"Now, the most important thing for you is not those sponsorships. It would benefit you much more in the future for Spirit to rise up," analyzed Ling Zhizhi.

"Mmm, but which series should I pick?"

"The ready-made series."

"Ready-made series?" Ning Xi thought Ling Zhizhi would ask her to wear a custom-made one.

"You will go viral this time and you've been entirely pushed forth by the public. You have the foundation of strong public influence, so to stay down-to-earth instead of suddenly progressing towards a high-end direction would have a much better effect. And most of your fans are just normal youngsters. Even though the ready-made ones aren't cheap, most of the working class fans can still afford one."

From this perspective, the ready-made series with a more wallet-friendly pricing was much better than the luxurious and expensive bespoke series.

She could promote the bespoke ones when she was much stabler...

When she thought about this, Ning Xi immediately said, "Okay, got it! Thank you, Sis Zhizhi, I'll send you the pictures I've taken later!"

She had Spirit's ready-made pieces right at her home, so Ning Xi just picked out nine outfits from her wardrobe.

Ning Xi changed into the first floral dress and walked out. "Little Treasure, you ready to shoot?"

Little Treasure's expression was serious as he nodded, then he had one hand holding the phone and the other hand gesturing something in the air.

Ning Xi laughed at this sight. She wondered if this was some special way of taking pictures.

Oh, never mind, as long as Little Treasure was happy!

Very quickly, the nine outfits were all shot and Ning Xi flipped through the photos. The more she looked at them, the more she felt shocked.

Even with a layman's eye, she could tell that compared to the ones Lu Tingxiao had taken which had a casual and lazy vibe, every picture of Little Treasure's had been accurately framed within the golden ratio, so each still looked like an oil painting or blockbuster movie.

It looked the little guy had lent all his composition skills from his art to take pictures.

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