Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1238

Currently, "Dream Chaser" had only been in theatres for half its planned release period and the total box office had already surpassed $ 1.8 billion, thus no one dared to simply predict how the trend of their box office would continue to fare.

Usually, a movie's release period would depend on the box office. If its performance was too dismal, then it would basically be considered a "Three-Day Run". There was even quite a number that had been taken down after one day of release.

One such example was Ning Xueluo's most recently released and completely unknown art house film, "Mountain". Forget about the pitiful box office performance, even its reputation was bad. Initially, they were prepared to hang on for half a month before they stopped playing it, yet even after doing it for the sake of Starlight Entertainment, it could only last for three days.

Many cinemas were allocating as many screenings as they could for "Dream Chaser". How could they bear to waste their allocations on a movie without as great a turnover rate? Big shots were useless now, and it was best to let the ticket sales speak for themselves.

With "Dream Chaser"'s level of popularity, they would probably last for another month.

In the earlier stages, "Dream Chaser" had managed to draw sales with the quality of the movie as well as the fantastic performances by the actors. Later on, Director Chen Mian's strength had also started to accumulate and work its magic.

That year, Chen Mian's debut work, "The Stars, The Moon and The Sun" had become popular all over the country and was even dubbed "Asia's star" by America's Business Weekly. The movie leads had also burst into popularity. Now, they were all experienced big shots in the industry.

His youth-themed movie called "Love Is In The Future" had also been the champion of the box office back then, paving the way for a bunch of other coming-of-age movies and trends.

It was exactly because Chen Mian had started with a bang that the audiences had very high expectations and anticipations of him. This was also why several of his works after, which compromised with the investors and the commercial market, had invited much criticism.

The media had always praised the winners and stepped on the losers. This time, after Chen Mian had returned to glory, almost all of the print and online media were hailing Chen Mian all over, stating that they "owed Chen Mian a movie ticket". All of the industry big shots that Chen Mian had made popular previously had also promoted the movie themselves. The huge crowd of Chen Mian's old fans dating back all the way to ten years ago had all entered the cinema for him.

Even though Zheng Kangde's teamwas on their toes, they could do nothing but watch.

The trend was strong and there was no reversing.

One month later, "Dream Chaser"'s total box office numbers were out. It had raked in $ 3.275 billion!

It had broken "Joyful Occasion"'s $ 2.48 billion record in the box office and steadfastly took the champion seat for highest box office sales in the history of the local cinema. It was practically a miracle in the history of Chinese cinema!

In the movie, all of the leads and co-leads had all become famous, especially the female lead, Ning Xi and the male lead, Chen Hanchen. They had gained fame overnight and were suddenly leveled with the A-list actors now.

Ning Xi's movie contracts, ambassadorship, and variety shows...all of it had insanely swarmed onto Ling Zhizhi...

The gaming company that Ning Xi and Jiang Muye had both been spokespeople for was overjoyed at this point. Before this, they had hired Ning Xi for five years for only a million dollars, so now they had really earned big!

Of course, some were happy while some were worried.

At Starlight Entertainment, Chang Li had come to the office as always, but she was greeted by peculiar gazes and whispers from all her colleagues.

"Have you guys heard that Ning Xi's movie's box office surpassed $ 3 billion? They are the Chinese language movie box office champion! They've broken more than 20 records!"

"Pfft, duh! Of course, I heard of the huge news. I've already seen people post about it in groups early in the morning. Everyone's saying...this time Chang Li's probably going to regret it a lot!"

"Pfft...obviously! Back then, Ning Xueluo had harshly chased Ning Xi away... Hah, now Ning Xi has gone over to Glory World and instantly exploded in popularity..."

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