Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1243

After Ning Xi left the company, she went straight to Platinum Palace.

"Boss, the male guest for "Beauty's Specialties" has been confirmed, we can go sign the contract tomorrow!" Ning Xi said happily.

On the sofa, Lu Tingxiao put down his book and welcomed the excited Ning Xi with a warm hug. "Mmm, Cheng Feng told me just now."

Lu Tingxiao had assigned his character Ke Mingyu under a normal manager in Glory World Entertainment, but his actual matters for Ke Mingyu were all dealt by Cheng Feng.

"That director was really bad. He almost wanted to break his promise and invite Chen Hanchen instead, but I made sure he kept his promise!" Ning Xi felt proud of what she did. "Hehe, sweetheart, what would you like to eat? I'll make it for you on the show!"

Lu Tingxiao's emotions were obviously influenced by the girl's happy mood as he caressed the girl's hair gently. "Anything."

Ning Xi gave it some thought. "Then, I'll decide and you just have to eat it then"



As Ning Xi was talking sweetly with Lu Tingxiao, a howling sound was heard and a person came thundering in through the door swiftly.

It was Lu Jingli. He was looking at something on his phone and mumbling angrily, "Bro! How can you do this?! This is too much! You stopped me from being the male guest the last time, and now you're becoming the guest yourself! How unfair!"

Apparently, Lu Jingli was talking about Lu Tingxiao becoming the male guest on "Beauty's Specialties".

For promotional purposes, the guests for the next show had been released. The viewers were really looking forward to it, but some of them felt a little sad that the male guest was not Chen Hanchen.

Of course, some people who liked Ke Mingyu were really excited. It was his first time on a variety show after the movie "Dream Chaser" was released.

The production team did not release any news about Ning Xi's outfit that day but the netizens were already discussing it in the comments section.

Ning Xi frowned at Lu Jingli. "Stop fussing about it. Your brother didn't do anything. He got it with his own abilities, alright!?"

Lu Jingli did not believe her. "Impossible! Stop lying. I know that the male guest was supposed to be Chen Hanchen, but now it's my brother. I'm pretty sure he did something!"

Ning Xi rolled her eyes at him. "Nonsense, it was I who told the production team that I wouldn't go if the male guest isn't your brother!"

Lu Jingli was speechless.

"You...you're heartless! Do you call this by his own abilities?"

Ning Xi replied as-a-matter-of-factly, "Of course, I'm your brother's woman. My ability is his ability as well. Am I right, sweetheart?"

Lu Tingxiao gazed at her in the eyes. "Mmm."

Lu Jingli felt hopeless. "I'm definitely not your biological brother, Tingxiao, or your brother-in-law, Xiao Xi"

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