Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1244

On the day of the show, a large crowd had gathered in front of the TV station building as they had gotten ahold of information that Ning Xi would be coming today.

A short while later, a black car stopped in front and Ning Xi walked out in a light grey trench coat.

The girls went crazy when they saw Ning Xi, some even passing out instantly...

"Ahh...Bro Xi! Bro Xi!"

"Bro Xi! Look here!"

"I love you! I want to make babies with you!"

Shi Xiao and Xiong Zhi were officially on the job now. They were dressed in black suits and dark sunglasses asthey carefully guarded Ning Xi and opened up a path for her.

They were shuddering internally when they heard the girls screaming about wanting to make babies with their lady boss

One of the girls was too excited and broke through the security line. Shi Xiao's expression darkened and blocked her with a solid arm.

The girl fell backward because of the inertia, so Ning Xi swiftly went up and held her shoulder firmly. She then looked at Shi Xiao unhappily, "Hey, be gentler to my girls!"

"Ahhhh!!!" A deafening scream from the crowd tore her attention away.

Facing the bunch of crazy fangirls, all the security guards including Shi Xiao and Xiong Zhi were crying deep inside. They just hoped that Ning Xi would stop adding on to their workload

Shi Xiao and Xiong Zhi looked at each other, psyching themselves up.

They had actually looked down on celebrity's personal guards before as they felt it was too easy ajob, but it seemed like they got the wrong impression

They had to protect their lady boss and not hurt any fans most importantly. The reputation of their lady boss was terrifying. With all the fangirlsscreaming, it was crazy...

After some struggle, they finally reached the studio.

"Ah! Sis Xi is here!"

"Bro Xi looks so cool in a male outfit! Much more charming than in the movie! Gosh, I can't take it anymore! Too bad Bro Xi has already put on her makeup. I don't have the chance to do it!"

"The last time she came, she was still an exquisite beauty. It's amazing! I've always felt that Ning Xi would be popular one day. I just didn't expect it to be this soon!"

"She has both male and female fans on her side! We can really expect the TV ratings for this episode to soar!"

"Sadly, the male guest this time is Ke Mingyu... If it were Chen Hanchen, then it'd be perfect! I heard that Chen Hanchen would come today as well but for another programme"

"Right, Ke Mingyu looks pretty charismatic in the movie, but in real life, he looks too normal. His existence is too weak!"

As she reached the studio, Director Wang Shaoyuan and a few others came over and greeted her.Ning Xi glanced around and saw that Lu Tingxiao had already arrived, so she went to the rest area to look for him after she had greeted everyone.

"Keke, you're here already!"

"Senior." Lu Tingxiao greeted her. He was already in Ke Mingyu mode.

Ning Xi almost laughed when he called her "Senior", but she still felt happy every time he addressed her that way.

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