Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1245

Moments of preparation later, the show began rolling.

"Hello, fellow viewers before the screen. Everyone knows that 'Beauty's Specialties' always has someone beautiful as the female guest. This time is no exception, but the beauty we invited for today is slightly special. I'm sure many would already know her. She is Ning Xi!" The host, Zhu Shuan, announced excitedly as she invited Ning Xi up.

The moment she said that, the audience off-stage shrieked in excitement and held the lighted-up boards with Ning Xi's name.

"Hello, everyone, long time no see. I'm very happy to be here again today," Ning Xi said as she took a bow like a gentleman in her light grey tuxedo.

The deafening screams were going shrilly non-stop...

Zhu Shuan's eyes lit up as she stared at Ning Xi, then she touched on her sleeve and said exaggeratedly, "My God, I can't believe my eyes. The last time you came, you were clearly a beautiful woman, but now you've turned into the nation's Prince Charming. All of the girl's dream lover, and of course, mine too..."

When they saw that the host was getting so close to Ning Xi and had touched her while flirting, all of the crowd screamed in a wave of excitement and envy again.

The host chatted with Ning Xi for a long time until the stage director had to remind her of the time, so she unwillingly said, "Now, we'll invite our male guest for the day, Ke Mingyu, who acted in "Dream Chaser" as Ling Yu..."

The moment Ke Mingyu stepped on stage, the host set aside the small talk she prepared and turned the topic to Ning Xi again. "Bro Xi, I wonder what delicious food you're going to be preparing for us today!"

Ning Xi looked at Ke Mingyu and said, "Today, I'm going to prepare a pretty common dish, omelet wrap, but it's very suitable for everyone to make it for their beloved!"

Oh! Beloved!

The few fans who shipped Ji Feixue and Lingyu hugged each other emotionally.

Zhu Shuan was still a little unhappy that the male guest had been changed from Chen Hanchen to Ke Mingyu, so she intentionally neglected Ke Mingyu on stage and did not let him speak. At this moment, she just casually looped him in. "How exciting! Looks like our male guest is in for a treat today!"

"Well, then, can we begin?" Ning Xi asked.

"Of course!" The host smiled back and asked shyly, "Bro Xi, is there anything you need my help with? Shall I help you cut the vegetables?"

Not only did she neglect the male guest, she even stole his dialogue...

Ning Xi understood Zhu Shuan's meaning immediately, so she smiled plainly and then said, "Girls' hands should not be used to do these things. Just let the men do it!"

When she heard this, Zhu Shuan was still fascinated even though she was rejected. All of the viewers were entirely charmed too.

After successfully covering up, Ning Xi walked to the stove.

To give the viewers the best viewing pleasure, Ning Xi had worn an English suit, looking very dapper. However, it was just not convenient to cook in.

She had just walked over to the stove and there was no need for her to say anything before Ke Mingyu, whose existence had been quite neglected, walked to her and helped her roll up her sleeves meticulously.

"Thank you." Ning Xi met with the man's eyes and smiled.

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