Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1246

This was clearly a common scene, yet for some reason, when it was done by the two of them, it gave one a sweet and romantic feeling of being wrapped in pink bubbles.

The fangirls off-stage felt their cheeks blush and their hearts beat fast at this sight.

"Oh, my maiden heart! Why do I feel like I've been attacked with PDA [1]?"

"Ah, ah, ah...I'm going crazy! There's so much love! I love Ling Yu and Ji Feixue the most! Never would I have thought the two of them were these fitting in real life too! My little heart can't take it anymore!"

"Mmm, even though I've always stood on the male and female lead's side, but when the two of them are together, they feel oddly harmonious..."

"Don't you guys think that Ke Mingyu's presence is super strong? There is an aristocratic air in his gesture! In fact, such an aura definitely can't be put on...I always feel my heart palpitating every time I see this!"


Even Zhu Shuan, who had neglected Ke Mingyu, could not help but admit that he did have a unique attractiveness to him.

After Ning Xi thanked him, she lowered her head and whispered reminders to Ke Mingyu about the things she needed help with.

Ke Mingyu nodded slightly before he left to prepare the ingredients.

Every word and every little interaction between the two of them was full of chemistry. The audience reacted as if they were watching a romantic comedy. Once in a while, they would burst out in excited shrieks.

The director, Wang Shaoyuan, did not think that having the two of them on his show would create such a great effect. At this moment, he was smiling from ear to ear. Initially, he was prepared to have Zhu Shuan create some jokes and fireworks between the two, yet he was surprised to find that their natural and harmonious romantic interactions created a better atmosphere, so he let them improvise freely...

The audience all indicated that they were satisfied.

"Oh...I feel like I'm not here to watch a cooking show, but "Dream Chaser"'s side story instead!"

"Exactly! Ji Feixue and Ling Yu's intimate life post-marriage... It's just too lovely!"


With the help of Ke Mingyu, Ning Xi's omelet-wrapped rice was soon ready.

After she wrapped the rice with the egg, Ning Xi picked up the ketchup sauce on the side and contemplated before writing on the dish: 'I (heart shape) U'.

When they saw Ning Xi's love message on the dish, the shrieks almost blew through the roof as all of them screamed Ning Xi and Ke Mingyu's names.

The director quickly reminded the cameraman to do a close-up shot on Ning Xi as he looked delighted with this progress.

This time, the episode could be promoted as a teasing joke about being "Dream Chaser"'s side story to attract viewers!

He had turned a cooking show into an idol drama. What a genius! This episode was definitely going to go even more viral than he had imagined. Now, he was incredibly grateful that he had agreed to let Ning Xi bring Ke Mingyu along.

At this moment, everyone's gaze fell onto Ning Xi and Ke Mingyu on-stage. No one noticed that in a corner of the backstage, Chen Hanchen's cool figure had appeared after he just finished another show's shoot. It was not sure how long he had stood there for...

Chen Yanan looked at his artiste with confusion. Before this, he might not have been sure, but now with Chen Hanchen's repeatedly odd reactions, one conclusion was clear. She was afraid, yet was sure that Chen Hanchen had fallen for Ning Xi...

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