Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1248

Ning Xi and Lu Tingxiao went back to Platinum Palace separately.

Because Lu Tingxiao was going out of the country the next day and they might not meet for a long time, Ning Xi stayed over for the night.

After the little bun went to sleep, Ning Xi closed the door quietly and crept to Lu Tingxiao's bedroom. When she saw that he was not there, she found him in the study room.

The man was still working at his desk.

"Why aren't you asleep yet? Rest earlier! You have a flight to catch tomorrow!" Ning Xi exclaimed unhappily when she saw Lu Tingxiao was still working.

"Mmm, just a little more," Lu Tingxiao replied without looking at her. He was reading through a contract, then he naturally extended his arms and pulled the girl to sit on his thigh.

Ning Xi touched Lu Tingxiao's face gently. "I shouldn't have made you go on the show with me. You're already so busy"

Lu Tingxiao then held the girl's hand and kissed it. He looked at her. "Nothing is more important than you are. Are you trying to take away the only fun part of my life?"

Ning Xi blushed. The momentshe heard the exact same words she had once said coming out of the devil's mouth, it was way too much for her to handle.

The devil was too good at applying things he had just learned!

"So, where are you going this time?" Ning Xi asked.

"Russia, Moscow."

"When will you be back?"

"I'm not sure yet. I'll be back when things are settled," Lu Tingxiao replied.

Ning Xi frowned a little. She remembered some recent news mentioning that the Lu Corporation assets had been encountering continuous accidents abroad. Furthermore, recently, a wealthy investment company had taking over Lu Corporation's market share in China.

It seemed like pretty normal news, but it was too much to be a coincidence, so Ning Xi felt uneasy.

Lu Tingxiao saw through the girl's concerned face, and he murmured into her ear, "Are you missing me already?"

Ning Xi laughed, "Right, there are a lot of beautiful girls in Russia with big, blue eyes and blonde hair. What if you're snatched away by them?"

"Other women are no different from dust to me," Lu Tingxiao said with a serious expression, really feeling that way.

Ning Xi kissed him. "Me too!"

The next morning, Ning Xi sent Lu Tingxiao to the airport.

Although everyone could recognize Ning Xi now, her disguise skillswere amazing. If she needed to go out for private matters, she just had to spend some time on more delicate makeup.

Today, Ning Xi had actually disguised herself as a high school girl, even wearing a school uniform. No matter how sharp the eyes of her fans were, they could never recognize that this high school girl was actually their idol.

Lu Jingli's mouth twitched as he looked at his underaged sister-in-law. "Xiao Xi Xi, this is really superb. I'm impressed!"

He thought Xiao Xi Xi could never go too wild now that her fans were everywhere, but clearly, he was too naive to believe so.

"I'll be going now." Lu TIngxiao patted the girl's head and leaned over to kiss her, but her outfit today made it difficult to do so

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