Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1250

Su Yimo felt better after listening to the both of them.

Liang Biqin massaged Su Yimo's shoulders. "Cousin, speaking of Lu Corporation, I heard some news about them preparing to invest a large amount of money and invite seven extremely popular male idols in the industry, including Jiang Muye, to make an epic ad. This ad will be used to promote all the products from the Lu Corporation."

Su Yimo replied, "I heard bits and pieces of this. What about it?"

Superstars like Jiang Muye would cost loads to hire, and Lu Corporation was going to hire seven of them!

The netizens went crazy when the news was released. They had already confirmed six of them and the last slot was still a mystery.

However, because they were all male stars, she was unrelated to it. Therefore, Su Yimo did not understand why Liang Biqin was mentioning this.

Liang Biqin sounded annoyed. "Hasn't Ning Xi's weird male alter ego become pretty popular lately? I heard some sources saying that they are trying to get Ning Xi into this ad!"

Su Yimo's expression changed instantly. "What?!"

She was trying to be considerate to Ning Xi, but now she was stepping into her territory

Liang Biqin instantly knew Su Yimo understood what she was trying to imply, so she followed up, "Cousin, Ning Xi is really too much! Not only did she take away what was supposed to be mine, now she's overstepping her boundaries! How arrogant of her!"

If it had not been for Ning Xi, the overwhelming popularity and this epic adfrom the Lu Corporation should have all been hers. Liang Biqin was practically boiling from anger!

Su Yimo sneered coldly asshe flashed a look at Zhao Meixin, "Sis Xin, call Director Ye this moment and ask her if they are really hiring Ning Xi. You know what to do."

Su Yimo then went for the ribbon-cutting ceremony with Liang Biqin.

Of course, Zhao Meixin understood what Su Yimo meant, and she quickly called Director Ye of the Lu Corporation.

"Hi, Ms. Zhao, is there anything wrong with Yimo's contract?" Ye Ying asked helpfully.

Zhao Meixin replied, "Sorry to bother you again, Director Ye, but it's not about Yimo this time. I just want to know something"

"Oh? What is it? Please tell me."

"I heard the Lu Corporation is going to make a big ad inviting seven male celebrities, and one of them...is Ning Xi?" Zhao Meixin asked.

Ye Ying turned pale after she heard Zhao Meixin's inquiry. She had decided on Ning Xi and this idea was supported by their whole department.

But her worst worry still surfaced...

In Glory World Entertainment, their rumored lady boss, Su Yimo, seemed to be on bad terms with Ning Xi. Now that Su Yimo knew about it, it might be impossible to hire Ning Xi for this project!

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